6 Simple Steps To Keep A Clean House

Keeping a clean house can be incredibly overwhelming and often it gets overcomplicated. And that complication can lead to it being challenging to maintain a clean home. But it is something that is so beneficial to having a positive home environment, a healthy space to live in, and a space that allows you to relax in it. Which is why today I want to share my favorite 6 simple steps to keep a clean house!

It is so beneficial to learn to keep a clean house and it isn’t too much work either once you get used to it.

I do recommend gradually implementing the steps that I discuss below because it can be challenging to implement a ton all at once. So start with step one and then when you feel fully confident in it then you can add the next step in. That way each step can really become a part of your life and help you always be able to keep a clean house.

That all being said, let’s get into these simple steps to keep a clean house!

6 Simple Steps To Keep A Clean House

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6 Simple Steps To Keep A Clean House

Guide to keeping your home clean:

Step 1) Create a home cleaning schedule.

Staying on top of everything that needs to be cleaned in your home can be difficult. There is little things that you might be forgetting about or that should be cleaned more often but you don’t know how often!

Which is where a cleaning schedule can really help you out with keeping your home clean.

I like to break my cleaning schedule into 4 parts- daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Things that can go on your cleaning calendar:

Note: everyone will have a different cleaning schedule depending on your home, kids or pets, and lots of other attributes!

Daily– make bed, dishes, wipe down surfaces, trash & recycling, sweep floor

Bonus tip: put this daily cleaning routine plan somewhere visible! Include details like wiping own the bathroom counters, kitchen countertops, spray down sink, etc.

Weekly– laundry, vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, mop, clean stove, change and wash bedding.

Bonus Tip: break these down into which day you do each such as Sunday is vacuum, Monday and Tuesday are laundry, Wednesday is dusting and so on!

Monthly– wash windows, deep clean kitchen, clean washer/dryer, wash shower curtains & bath mats.

Annually– declutter closets, deep clean carpets, clean & organize garage.

You can also get something like a “chore board” to help with the cleaning schedule if multiple people contribute!

If this is helpful I also released a free printable weekly cleaning schedule that you can check out here.

Step 2) Keep clutter out of your house to maximize storage.

Once you successfully declutter you need to also make sure you don’t bring clutter back into your house. I have an entire guide on this here! But doing basic things like avoiding clearance racks and “mystery shopping boxes” can keep clutter out of your house so the cleaning process is quicker and more streamlined. 

But the bulk of it is to not buy clutter, have a constantly running donation bin, plan out your shopping trips, and make sure everything has a home in your house weekly.

When you don’t allow clutter to build up in your home you are helping your future self have less clutter to clean. And generally less items that you have to clean and put away all the time.

Also, having less clutter in your home also means that it will visually look cleaner which can make the processor keeping it clean much easier!

Step 3) Make sure you have the right cleaning tools.

Guys you have to work smarter not harder!

Is it taking you forever to vacuum because you have to go over the same areas over and over again? Then you probably need to get a strong vacuum.

Would buying a couple extra microfiber rags help you spend less time waiting for them in the wash? Then it’s worth it to buy them because it will help you spend less time cleaning and waiting.

Don’t make cleaning more difficult than it already is by using tools that are not the correct ones.

Step 4) Clean-up as you go throughout the day.

Cleaning as you go is one of the easiest ways that you can keep your home clean.

Cleaning as you go just means to keep up with things as you’re moving. If you spend 30 seconds picking up after yourself every time you move onto a new task or activity it will help stop your home from getting messy or dirty.

Some tips for cleaning as you go:

  • If you’re doing a lot in one room don’t leave it until you have picked up your mess.
  • Clean dishes while you are cooking. If something needs to bake for 30 minutes you can probably get most of the kitchen cleaned up in that time.
  • In general if you take something out of its “home” then make sure that you put it back into its home.

This can be so helpful for assisting you with keeping your home clean all the time!

Step 5) Put laundry and dishes away right away

Clean laundry and dirty dishes tend to be two of the most common things that build up in your home and make it feel messy and uncleaned even if they are clean.

It is easy to push off putting away laundry for just an hour that turns into tomorrow that turns into 3 days later! So put it away as soon as the loads are done for the day.

And make sure to have a laundry basket that is big enough but not too big where putting everything away becomes a daunting task.

For dishes I like to make it into a habit that works for my daily schedule. Such as running the dishwasher right before bed and putting them away in the morning before I even have my coffee for the day.

Bonus tip: try to toss a load of laundry into the washing machine anytime you know you have an extended time at home. This can help to encourage you to stay on top of laundry so it doesn’t add up too much and you don’t have a pile to look at constantly.

Step 6) Pick up for 10-15 minutes before bed

The final tip for keeping your home clean and organized is to always spend a little bit of time before you go to bed cleaning up your home.

This will help keep your house clean! Plus it feels great to wake up the next morning to a clean house. If you maintain a good cleanliness level at all times you rarely have to spend hours and hours cleaning!

So just give your kitchen counters a quick wipe, recycle any junk mail, and put away any random chaos that has built up in your house throughout the day.

This doesn’t take very much time out of your day and is simple but it can really make a big difference in helping you keep your home clean all the time.

Maintaining a clean home can be challenging but by making these simple changes to your life is essential for having a clean and positive home environment.

Start slowly adding these steps to your life so you can have the home environment that you want to have. But be patient with yourself and remember that making these changes to keep a clean house will take time and that is totally okay! Just try to stay consistent and focused on why you are doing this and how great it will feel when you implement these simple steps to keep a clean house!

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