82 Daily Habits To Track To Build Positive Habits

Tracking your habits is an incredible way to help you really build and stick to new, positive habits. And if you are reading this then there is a solid chance that you already know that! Which is why you are reading this. But knowing which daily habits are logical to track and implement into your life can be overwhelming. Which is why today I am sharing these 82 daily habits to track to build positive habits!

Before we jump into these ideas for daily habits to track I want to cover some tips for how to track habits. I personally believe using a bullet journal is one of the best ways to track habits so these tips are geared at that.

Tips for starting to track new habits:

Tip 1: If you don’t already have a bullet journal and thin markers/pens make sure to get those so you can start tracking the habits.  I use this bullet journal and these pens and love them!

Tip 2: For inspiration on how to decorate the page to track each habit then open up Pinterest and search the habit name + bullet journal.

Tip 3: Keep your bullet journal somewhere accessible so that you can track the habits. Especially if they are something that you track throughout the whole day (like drinking water) rather than once a day or once a week.

Tip 4: After completing the time you originally started tracking the habit then take a bit to evaluate the habits. If you feel you can continue to do these habits without tracking them then you can stop but in general it is good to track a habit for at least 3 months to ensure that it truly becomes a habit.

Also, I want to remind you that it is unrealistic to incorporate all 82 of these daily habits into your life at once. So go through this list and pick the ones that stand out to you the most. And that you think will make the biggest difference in your life. It is so much better to add them slowly and make the habits truly apart of your daily life compared to trying to add a bunch at once and getting overwhelmed!

So now that we have covered those tips for tracking new habits let’s jump into the full list of daily habits to track to build positive habits.

82 Daily Habits To Track To Build Positive Habits

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82 Daily Habits To Track To Build Positive Habits

Daily Habits To Start Tracking:

1: Water consumption

Tip: track this based on general cup size rather than trying to guess ounces.

2: Working out

3: Time that you wake up

4: Journaling (this is the journal I use and I love it!)

5: Time spent reading

6: Listening to a podcast

7: Alcohol consumption

8: Skin care routine

Tip: If you have AM and PM skin care routines then track those separately.

9: Flossing

10: Eating vegetables servings

11: Watering the plants

12: Setting priorities for the day

13: The time you go to bed

Tip: I recommend adding this habit tracking as part of your night time routine!

14: Going for a walk outside

15: Meditation

Tip: There are lots of free meditations on YouTube to watch.

16: Writing your daily goals

17: Date nights

18: Days you say your daily affirmations

19: Time spent logged off social media

Tip: Try doing a social media audit before tracking this habit.

20: Doing self care Face masks

21: Daily yoga

22: Writing (or other hobbies)

23: Make a list of positives about the day

24: Take your daily vitamins

Tip: Keep your vitamins stocked up so you don’t get off track when you run out.

25: Days you hit 10k steps

26: No screen hours

27: Stretching each day

28: Hours spent learning a new skill

29: Brushing teeth

30: Any medication you take daily

31: Make the bed

Tip: This habit actually has a ton of benefits to your days! Definitely one I recommend doing.

32: Pack your lunch for the next day

33: Studying

34: Caffeine intake

35: Check your planner

Tip: Watch my video here about how to set up your planner!

36: Wash your sheets

37: Write in daily gratitude journal

38: Putting on sunscreen

39: Language practice

40: No spend days

41: Laundry

Tip: Doing even a step of laundry each day can make it less overwhelming.

42: Call a loved one

43: Eat daily fruit serving

44: 15 minute “general cleaning” sessions daily

45: Soda intake

46: Deep condition your hair

47: Ate every meal at home/ or packed from home

48: Update your budget/bills

49: Inbox zero

Tip: Check out my digital declutter dude to help with this: How To Perform a Digital Declutter.

50: No fast food days

51: No alcohol (or smoking) days

52: Put money into savings

53: Oil change/ car maintenance

54: Take the stairs

55: Follow your morning routine

56: A daily self care item

57: Write to do list

58: No screen time before bed

59: Update your monthly calendar

Tip: Staying on top of your monthly calendar each day helps with organization.

60: Do any homework

61: Religious/spiritual activities

62: Not biting nails

63: Avoid junk food for the day

Tip: Or whatever levels of junk food consumption you are aiming for.

64: Track food intake (if this is a goal for you!)

65: Drink water right away in the morning

66: Lift weights

67: Acts of kindness

Tip: Here are some random acts of kindness ideas: 51 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness

68: Water plants

69: Household chores

70: Shower

71: Not hitting snooze

Tip: Read about these tips for this habit here: How To Stop Hitting The Snooze Button And Get Up Right Away!

72: Catch up with current events

73: Do the dishes

74: Clean up workspace

75: Moisturize skin

76: Play with your pet

77: Repeat your personal mantra

78: Make tomorrows to do list

Tip: Keep a notebook at your night stand to do this each night!

79: Charge your devices

80: Spend time with your family members

81: Work in your garden

82: Try cooking a new recipe

I truly hope that this was helpful and gave you some great ideas for daily habits to track so you can start building positive habits.

Remember that it’s the small things that add up to a big difference!

So be consistent with tracking your habits so that you can start being the best version of yourself.


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