Daily Hacks To Learn To Start Upgrading Your Life

Upgrading your life is a gradual and slow but incredibly important process. And one of the most important steps of the process is to start improving your daily actions. Thankfully there are some simple daily hacks that you can start adding to your life now that can have a big impact in the long run on your life. Which is why today we are going to talk about these daily hacks to learn to start upgrading your life!

I know that working on bettering your life can seem overwhelming and daunting. Which is one of the reasons that making daily changes is so important. It is a lot less scary to work on adding these daily hacks to your life compared to making giant changes. But it really does make a difference to add these to your life! Remember that small changes can result in big results in the long run.

That all being said let’s get into these daily hacks to learn to start bettering yourself and your life so you can get to learning them!

Daily Hacks To Learn To Start Upgrading Your Life

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Daily Hacks To Learn To Start Upgrading Your Life

Simple daily hacks to incorporate now:

Hack 1: Always make a daily to do list

I live by to do lists and find it so insanely helpful to write to do lists for each day, week, and month. This can be in your planner, on a notebook, or on a note on your phone.

I like to make sub to-do lists as well, like I will do a more vague to-do list for the whole day and then do a list for my work, a list for cleaning, a list for my site, etc.

If you want more details on how to write and really follow your daily to do lists then you need to go check out my detailed guide: How to Make an “Every Day Goals” List.

But this hack is so incredible important for learning to have more organized and productive days. Which will lead to an overall upgraded life!

Hack 2: Look for areas of improvement every day

The first daily hack to help you work on upgrading your life is to search for areas of improvement every day.

There may be a couple of big areas that hold you back and make you feel unmotivated. But on the day to day there is little things that are stopping your motivation and that you can improve on.

For example, some days you may have a harder time staying focused than other days. So that day you will really need to pay attention to that need area and really work on your self motivation for addressing that area of improvement. This is essential for creating your best life.

Hack 3: Allow yourself breaks to fight feeling unmotivated

Did you know that breaks actually help your productivity and motivation? When you take short and strategically timed breaks you actually help yourself have improved self motivation.

This is because when you take a break you allow your brain to be refreshed and able to really focus on what you need to when you return from the break. I have a full guide on taking breaks here that can help you with this! But in a nutshell it comes down to the idea that taking breaks actually helps you be more energized, focused, and productive when you resume work. Which can be crazy helpful for bettering your days.

Hack 4: Stand more, sit less

This hack took me years to understand the importance of. Of course, this hack is not applicable if you are in a situation where you can’t do this due to medical circumstances or job limitations. If that is the case for you then jump onto the next hack!

But if you are able to stand more and sit less while working or studying it has so many benefits. It can help you stay focused and keep your body healthier. There is lot’s of people with way more science behind this hack and I strongly recommend searching online for the benefits of standing while working.

Hack 5: Stop multitasking

Multitasking is something that tricks a lot of people.

You think that you are getting a lot done at once but really your brain is just rapidly switching between tasks. Which means you are losing time in-between while you switch between tasks.

And you are not truly focusing on each individual task. Which means in the long run it will actually take you longer to get each thing done.

So if you want to have a better day stop multitasking!

Hack 6: Set yourself up for success the night before

Another helpful daily life hack is to set yourself up for success before you even go to sleep.

Can you prep your breakfast? Update your planner? Pick out clothes?

Anything you can do before bed that will help you be more put together the next day is great.

Hack 7: Automate tasks if possible

Technology is your friend!

In any situation where you can use technology to help make tasks quicker, easier, and automated that is better. This hack of course has a bunch of sub-hacks but seriously automating things is so helpful for having more efficient days that can help you upgrade your days and your life.

For example, if you can create email response templates do that. If you can automate certain emails going to certain folders then do that! Automating tasks and using technology can really help you be more productive. This tip for how to be more productive can also help you waste less time in your day so it’s a win-win.

Hack 8: Be careful about phone notifications

The next way to have better days is to make sure you are being aware and cautious with your phone notifications.

If you really need to focus for an hour or so I recommend putting your phone on DND to really stop all notifications.

But in general I recommend going through your notifications settings in your phone and turning off any notifications that you don’t actually want.

Chances are you get lots of notifications. And chances are you don’t actually want to see most of them. But every time they ding on your phone they are distracting you. Which makes you less productive! So add this simple hack to your days to help you be more focused and improve yourself.

Hack 9: Use a planner

Planners are one of if not the most helpful tool for getting and being more productive and upgrading your life.

The planner I currently use and totally swear by is the Erin Condren life planner (get it here!).

It truly helps me stay organized which makes me way more productive. So if you want to learn to have productive days then you definitely need to be using a planner! Seriously this is a common hack but it is so important for better days.

Hack 10: Do background tasks

Background tasks are different than multitasking because they are tasks that complete themselves after you start them.

Things such as running the laundry machine, dishwasher, exporting a file that takes a long time, etc.

By getting good at background tasks it will help you use the time in your day better!

Hack 11: Make inspiration visible

This is the final of the daily hacks to learn but it is so important. Making inspiration visible every day is so helpful for keeping your motivated and encouraged. And staying encouraged is beyond necessary for bettering yourself.

Make a vision board or just a list of things that inspire you and then put it somewhere visible. Ideally somewhere that you will see it daily. It could become the screensaver on your phone or hang up a physical copy in your closet so you see it every morning.


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