How To Work From Home During The Holidays Tips

Working at home had become so common in 2020 and that is presenting a unique set of challenges (and benefits!). One of the challenges companies and employees are facing now is how to stay productive and focused while working at home during the holidays. With holiday cheer in the air, holiday activities to do, kids running around excited, etc it can be hard to stay focused in your home office. So today we are going to talk about how to work from home during the holidays tips!

This is a strange holiday season.

And we are all working hard to make the best of it! So remember to embrace the memories even if they are different and breaking traditions and don’t put too much pressure on yourself this holiday season.

Want more details and in depth tips? Then go watch my video on how to work from home during the holidays because I go into these tips further in depth!

So let’s get into talking about how to actually work at home during the holidays!

How to work from home during the holidays tips!

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How To Work From Home During The Holidays Tips

{ Stay productive and focused working at home during the holidays! }

1) Communicate with everyone in your home.

The first tip for working remote this holiday season is to make sure you communicate.

Communication is so essential for working from home if you have any family members or roommates. Regardless of whether or not the holidays.

But it is especially important during the holidays. There is just more going on and more conversations and questions. So make sure you have good communication with anyone in your home.

I recommend getting a white board for your door and putting any meeting times or any other times that you REALLY can’t be interrupted.

2) Set boundaries with your family and coworkers.

This tip has 2 parts: boundaries for family members and boundaries for coworkers.

Boundaries for family members:

Setting boundaries with family members especially during the holidays can be difficult but it is so important. Reminding them that you have to work and can’t participate in holiday activities while you are working is a very important boundary to set.

Boundaries for coworkers:

At the same time, you also need to set boundaries with coworkers/your boss. If you take a day off during the holidays or log off at the end of your work day to spend time with your family that needs to be accepted. A lot of industries are busier during the holidays but those boundaries still need to be set and respected.

Working from home during the holidays does not mean that you need to put in a bunch of extra hours!

3) Do small daily holiday celebrations/gifts.

This is a great way to keep the holiday spirit going and help with your children during the work day.

Letting them know that you will do a certain holiday activity (like baking cookies) when your work day is done but only if you get your work done is the 2020 version of saying you have to be good to get presents from Santa!

You could also get an advent calendar for each child and only let them open theirs when you’re done working for the day!

4) Set daily schedules and plans.

This is something that is always important for having productive and focused work days. I have a whole article on the 3 steps to starting your work day correctly.

But it is extra important when working from home during the holidays to create a daily schedule, plan, and to do list.

Staying organized will ensure that you are able to accomplish all of you work and stay on track.

If you are really struggling with staying focused right now then I recommend getting more detailed with your daily plans and to do lists. Specifically, I recommend moving to an hourly planner and really getting detailed so you have to stay focused and on track.

5) Get your holiday shopping and planning done in advance.

If you don’t want to feel rushed and overwhelmed with this holiday season then plan in advance.

Getting your holiday gift shopping done early means you won’t be tempted to shop online while working and you just don’t have to worry about.

The same idea goes to the rest of your plans. Figure out a game plan for your holiday activities and even get an idea for your plans the day of holidays in advance.

This will help you stay focused and lower the chance of people asking you questions and interrupting you while you work.

How to work from home with holiday distractions!

6) Be flexible when things don’t go as planned.

Making plans and being prepared is important, but we all know that sometimes things don’t go as planned. This tip for how to work from home during the holidays is essential for your mental wellness this holiday season.

So you are going to need to make sure you are flexible this holiday season. Stressing and worrying about changes to plans while you are working doesn’t really help anyone.

So accept that you may need to re-adjust your plans and that’s totally okay!

7) Be patient with yourself this holiday season.

The final tip for when you work from home during the holidays is to be patient with yourself.

If this (like so many people this year) is your first year working remote during the holidays you may feel overwhelmed.

You may feel like you have to constantly choose between work and family.

But remind yourself that any other year you would still be working! And be patient with yourself regarding both your family time and your work performance. This adjustment is hard on everyone and beating yourself up over it won’t help anything!

I hope these tips for how to work from home during the holidays was helpful to you! This is a strange and stressful year but it can also be filled with unique and fun memories!


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