Fall Instagram Challenge: 40 Pictures Edition

Instagram is always a fun place to show off your creativity and if you’re a business or a blogger to connect with your audience. But coming up with content ideas can be rough! Which is why I created this Fall Instagram Challenge: 40 pictures edition.

These 40 pictures are a great way to get creative with your Instagram account this fall!

And they are great for helping you come up with content for the fall months so you can stay active and engaged with your Instagram followers.

The same guidelines are here for this challenge as my Summer Instagram Challenge! It’s simple- post all 40 pictures through the “main” 3 months of fall. September, October, and November!

If you are a blogger or a business this allows you to post 2-3 posts from this challenge each week and 2-3 posts that are specific to your blog or business. Remember that consistency is key for growing your Instagram account.

Fall Instagram Challenge: 40 pictures edition!

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Now let’s get onto the:

Fall Instagram Challenge: 40 Pictures Edition

1) Post a snap of your favorite fall drink- if you make it at home grab a cute fall themed mug for the shot.

2) Take a cute snap in the fall leaves (or a photo of your product in the leaves).

3) National College Colors Day – even if your college isn’t playing sports this fall show them your support on September 4th.

4) Summer to Fall transition look- show off your outfit or home as you transition from summer to fall!

5) Fall reading- show off your favorite book, bonus points if you’re snuggled up reading it on a rainy fall day!

6) Labor day snap- show your safe labor day fun on September 7th.

7) Football game picture- if you can’t go to one then show a throwback or your at home tailgate!

8) Cozy socks- take a fun snap of your favorite cozy socks as the weather starts to cool off.

9) Get creative holding or throwing leaves! Check out Pinterest for lots of inspiration for this picture!

10) Show off your family on September 28th for National Family Day.

11) Take a picture (or a couple) of your super cute fall decor- here are some of my favorites!

12) Get crafty and show off some pictures of your favorite fall crafts- if you’re a business then make sure to incorporate at least one of your products.

13) Show off a Pumpkin Spice Latte for National Coffee Day on September 29th.

14) Pumpkins- painted, carved, decoration, whatever your favorite way to incorporate pumpkins is.

15) Take a snap (or a video!) of your favorite fall candles- I am obsessed with this Pumpkin Cheesecake Candle.

16) Bonfire night- pose cute with your fun bonfire look and some smore’s!

17) Apple picking- take a cute snap at this super fun fall activity.

18) Bake some fall cookies and show them off on National Homemade Cookie Day on October 1st.

19) Fall festival- if you are able to safely attend one then snap a great picture there or host a mini fall festival for your family at home.

20) Scary movie night- build a blanket fort and grab some movie theater candy.

40 picture ideas for Autumn!

21) Take a selfie in a fall hat- like this cute wide brimmed one!

22) Take a photo of your favorite accomplishments or showing off your best personality traits for National Inner Beauty Day to talk with your followers about the importance of inner beauty!

23) Fall foliage- drive through a local area and take some great nature snaps of the fall foliage.

24) Candy apples- make and decorate cute candy apples, if you’re a business make sure to use your brands colors.

25) Hayride- go for a safe hayride and take some fun pictures on the ride.

26) Make (or buy from a local bakery) a pumpkin dessert to talk about on National Dessert Day on October 14th.

27) Wine tasting- do an at home wine tasting with fall wines and talk about your favorites!

28) Fall sunsets- take a breathtaking snap of the beautiful fall sunsets.

29) These boots are made for walking- take a fun fall fashion picture with your favorite boots. My favorites are the plain Jane boots from Lane boots!

30) Halloween costume picture- show off your awesome costume on Halloween! I strongly believe you are never too old to dress up for Halloween!

31) Get your pet involved- take a fall themed picture of your adorable pet!

32) Show off your leftover candy on November 4th for National Candy Day.

33) Flannel inspiration- flannel is a staple for fall! Style a flannel shirt or grab a flannel blanket for a fun fall picture!

34) Take a fall hike on National Hiking Day on November 17th to show off the beauty of your area in the fall time.

35) Fall cocktail (or mocktail)- fall drinks are super photogenic so take a snap of your fall drink of choice!

36) Flatlay- get creative and post a fall themed flatlay. Check out Pinterest for inspiration!

37) Sweater weather- share a picture of you styling your favorite sweater in a cozy environment.

38) Thanksgiving- show off your favorite part of Thanksgiving day with your Instagram friends.

39) Black Friday or Cyber Monday favorites- share your favorite finds from those awesome sales!

40) Fall round up- do a carousel Instagram picture with a round up of your favorite pictures from fall.

Fall Instagram Challenge Ideas!

Have fun on this fun Fall Instagram Challenge! Make sure to enjoy taking these pictures while doing your favorite fall activities!


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