The Ultimate Fall 2023 Bucket List To Try

Fall is right around the corner. Even though the warm weather is ending, I am totally fine with it because Fall absolutely has the best activities! Which is why I have created this perfect bucket list for the fall time. Go ahead and pick and choose from this list of the ultimate fall 2023 bucket list to try to create your own perfect fall bucket list!

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year and I hope that this inspires you to get out there and enjoy this season. If you want to see how I’m going through this bucket list make sure to follow me on Instagram – linked here.

So let’s get into these fun fall bucket list inspiration ideas!

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The Ultimate Fall 2023 Bucket List To Try

55 Fall Bucket List Ideas:

  1. Go to an apple orchard- here’s my experience last fall at one!
  2. Carve pumpkins- use Pinterest for fun inspo! They have lots of pumpkin patch photo inspo!
  3. Drink hot apple cider!
  4. Binge watch Halloween movies- Disney ones are always winners.
  5. Burn some fall scented candles- here’s my current favorite.
  6. DIY a Halloween costume.
  7. Do a fun fall photo shoot!
  8. Roast marshmallows over a bonfire.
  9. Make homemade caramel- check out Pinterest for recipe ideas.
  10. Take a fall hike – try a new location with lots of fall foliage.
  11. Go stargazing and appreciate the perfect fall nights weather.
  12. Make yummy candle apples!
  13. Write a gratitude list to be thankful for your blessings.
  14. Jump in a pile of leaves!
  15. Do an at-home tailgate day (if your college/NFL team is playing this year!).
  16. Create a fall themed wreath- it’s a great way to spice up your porch for fall!
  17. Go to a drive-in movie night.
  18. Send thank you notes to your loved ones around Thanksgiving to say what you’re thankful for about them.
  19. Make homemade pumpkin donuts!
  20. Take a trip to a pumpkin patch.
  21. Make a pumpkin centerpiece for your table.
  22. Make fall sangria- have fun and add cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel and more!
  23. Go on a bike ride through your town- check out the fall decorations everyone has put out.
  24. Rake up leaves for your neighbors.
  25. Get up early and watch an autumn sunrise.
The ultimate fall themed bucket list!

Half way! Keep going on this fun fall bucket list!

  1. Decorate your home in lots of fall decorations- check out these ones!
  2. Bake an apple pie from scratch.
  3. Update your fall fashion- reinvent old pieces!
  4. Have a scary movie night with lots of cuddly blankets!
  5. Try cooking a warm and hearty soup (or chili).
  6. Do a backyard camping night.
  7. Spread kindness in your community- check out these 51 Random Acts of Kindness!
  8. Create an at-home fall festival for your family – I again recommend checking out Pinterest for lots of ideas!
  9. Plant fall flowers- check out these cute fall plant pots!
  10. Make a fun craft with the fallen leaves.
  11. Donate to a local food bank!
  12. Go for a scenic drive- ideally in a wooded area with fall leaves.
  13. DIY fleece blanket.
  14. Get some Halloween PJs- check out these cute ones!
  15. Make pumpkin bread!
  16. Do a fall picnic in the park.
  17. Learn to crochet a scarf!
  18. Make a blessings jar for your household.
  19. Create and go on a fall scavenger hunt.
  20. Read a mystery novel (bonus points if it’s on a chilly Sunday!).
  21. Get a fall manicure- my favorite nail polish for fall!
  22. Create a fall picture journal.
  23. Brew a batch of hard cider- here’s what you need for it.
  24. Visit a corn maze (safely) with family.
  25. Toast pumpkin seeds!
  26. Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown- my favorite all movie!
  27. Make an indoor herb garden.
  28. Declutter and donate any unused clothes in your closet.
  29. Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte at home!
  30. Take your family Christmas card photos.
55 super fun fall themed activities!

Enjoy these super fun fall bucket list inspiration ideas to have a fall season you will remember for years!

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate fall 2022 bucket list and it gives you all the inspiration to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.


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