How To Stay Productive During Fall 2023

Staying productive during the fall can be challenging. As the weather cools and the days get shorter it is harder to stay motivated. Which is why I have compiled my most helpful tips for how to stay productive during shorter fall days. Keep reading to learn how to stay productive during the fall!

I fully understand the struggle of not wanting to be productive when it’s cold and dark outside. All you (and I) want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and watch Hocus Pocus! But as the holidays approach and life continues on it is necessary to stay motivated during these short days so you can keep progressing towards your dreams.

These tips are things I have learned over the years as I have also struggled to stay motivated and productive during the fall time.

I grew up in Minnesota and it was freezing and snowing by October and it was so difficult to keep up motivation on those cold days! But it is totally possible to stay productive as the days get shorter and colder. So keep reading for my best productivity advice!

How To Stay Productive During Fall 2023

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How To Stay Productive During Fall 2023

Helpful productivity tips for fall time:

Tip 1) Don’t start sleeping in.

It is so tempting to start to sleep in when the days get shorter. But it is important to get up earlier so you can maximize the daylight hours.

Getting up early is important year round to have better productivity and get more done every day. But it takes a little more effort in the cold, short days of fall and winter. So take the bit of extra work to make sure you get up when the sun is up each day!

If you struggle with getting up earlier in the morning then check out this guide: Learn To Get Up Early Every Day.

Tip 2) Enjoy the fresh *cold* air.

Getting outside is actually a great way to stay productive when it is cold outside.

Going for a walk or even just drinking your morning coffee on your patio is a great way to appreciate the beauty of these colder seasons. When you embrace the colder weather it helps keep you in a better mental place which results in you feeling better so you can stay productive.

Tip 3) Don’t let yourself get too cold.

This seems obvious but it’s so true!

We have all had those days at work where it is super cold in the office and it is so hard to get things done. Your hands are cold and your brain is so distracted by the cold that you just can’t be productive.

So grab a safe space heater and make sure you can stay warm enough to stay productive!

How to be productive when it's cold outside!

Tip 4) Set fresh, new goals.

Setting new goals is so helpful at any time of the year to be more productive. But the colder, shorter days aren’t usually a time of the year that people focus on new goals.

Which means without new goals to focus on, then you don’t stay as productive throughout these colder months.

So take the time when the days start to get shorter and colder to make a new list of goals for the rest of the year! Keep yourself motivated so you can keep yourself productive!

If you need some ideas for goals to set this month then check this out: New Month, New Goals: 68 Monthly Goals Ideas To Set!

Tip 5) Make sure to get regular exercise.

Getting your body moving during colder months is so important. You don’t get as much natural movement during the fall and winter compared to summer so it’s important to make an effort to get exercise every day.

You can also get fresh air and exercise by walking, jogging, or running each day!

If you are struggling for motivation to get exercise then I recommend trying something new. Take a fitness class or try a new type of cardio at the gym. Something to change things up to keep you motivated and productive.

Need more healthy life tips? Then check this out next: 25 Helpful Habits For a Healthier Life.

Tip 6) Take supplements/vitamins as needed.

The final tip for staying productive during shorter fall days is to take supplements and vitamins as needed.

Note: I strongly recommend seeking professional medical advice to determine what nutrients and vitamins you may be deficient in.

The main one I recommend checking your levels on is Vitamin D which is frequently lacking in people during the fall and winter months. And when you are deficient from a vitamin like vitamin D you can have lower energy levels which decreases your productivity levels.

6 tips to stay productive during the fall!

Staying productive during the fall days even though they are colder and shorter is totally possible! These tips will help keep your productivity levels high even when it’s cold and dark outside!


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