Tips For Having A Tidy Home During Christmas Time!

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year full of family, activities, and tasty food. However, that all also can equal an increase in messes in your home! Which goes hand in hand with all the fun and not something to be sad about. And these tips will hopefully help you handle the messes that come with the holidays quickly and efficiently so you don’t miss out on valuable family time while you are cleaning. So hopefully these Tips For Having A Tidy Home During Christmas Time will help you be able to manage everything and keep your home clean.

I also have a video discussing/showing how to spend less time cleaning if you would prefer to watch- you can watch it here! This video goes over general tips for how to clean your home faster and it could be helpful for you during the holidays. And below I go into depth more about general holiday home cleaning tips.

So reading these tips mixed with also watching that video are probably the best bet for learning how to keep your home clean during the holidays!

So now let’s get into these holiday home cleaning tips so you can start using them.

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Tips For Having A Tidy Home During Christmas Time!

Holiday home cleaning tips:

Tip 1: Start with a totally clean home

So this tip isn’t a ton of fun but it is so helpful.

But starting the holidays with a completely cleaned home is one of the best things you can do to actually keep your home clean. Not having to worry about deep cleaning will make it so much easier. So deep clean before the holidays that way you just have to maintain that level of clean or even let it slip a bit because remember that family time is the most important!

If you have the time I recommend checking out my 30 day deep cleaning challenge. It can really help you get your home totally deep cleaned and ready for the holidays!

Tip 2: Stick to a cleaning schedule

Cleaning schedules are a life saver during the holidays! Make a schedule for what you will clean every day and every week.

That way you won’t be missing things but you also won’t get overwhelmed. Especially since the holidays can already be overwhelming.

Also, a sub-tip is to make sure and get your family or anyone else you live with in on the cleaning schedule. That way they can know what they need to do to help keep the home clean. To make this easier I recommend putting copies of the cleaning schedule somewhere in your home where everyone will see it. Like the fridge!

Tip 3: Declutter your home before the holidays start

If you have less items in your home then you have less to clean. So spending a weekend decluttering your home will help you in the long run spend less time cleaning. 

If you aren’t sure where to start then check out these 63 items to declutter before the holidays start.

Tip 4: Keep cleaning supplies and tools accessible

Out of site out of mind is a real problem.

If your cleaning supplies are tucked away somewhere hard to reach and that you will never see then it won’t remind you. And it will make it more of a chore.

Tip 5: Stay on top of dishes

This may seem obvious but with all the eating at home that happens during the holidays you need to stay on top of the dishes. This will probably be a group effort so accept help with keeping up with them. And accept that everyone might not do it “perfect” but any help with the dishes can help to keep the kitchen in order and usable during the holidays.

Tip 6: Use the best cleaning tools

Guys you have to work smarter not harder!

Is it taking you forever to vacuum because you have to go over the same areas over and over again? Then you probably need to get a strong vacuum.

Would buying a couple extra microfiber rags help you spend less time waiting for them in the wash? Then it’s worth it to buy them because it will help you spend less time cleaning and waiting.

Tip 7: Clean the kitchen while you cook

This is such a helpful tip with how much cooking often happens in kitchens during the holiday time.

While something is baking or cooking on the stove try to do some cleaning of the dishes that have already been used that day. And stay on top of wiping down counters because they can quickly get messy especially with all of the baking! And messy counters can make the whole kitchen feel messy even if it isn’t too crazy.

This is one that you can also loop in your family to help with. While you are cooking they can help clean or if someone else is the main chef or baker of your family holiday meals you can clean while they handle the cooking.

Keeping your home clean during the holidays is definitely going to be a team effort and don’t be afraid to remind people of that.

Tip 8: Embrace technology this year

Trying a robot vacuum could be life changing, especially if you have a ranch style house without too many stairs!

Try out the newest all purpose cleaner even if it isn’t the one you have used forever. If everyone is raving about it then it’s worth trying something new because it could be better and therefore help you spend less time cleaning!

I was so guilty of this for a long time and after I started to accept new ideas for my cleaning supplies and routines it really helped me overall spend less time cleaning!

Tip 9: Put laundry away right away

It is easy to push off putting away laundry for just an hour that turns into tomorrow that turns into 3 days later! So put it away as soon as the loads are done for the day.

Staying on top of laundry will also ensure you and your family will have the perfect clean clothes for each holiday event. No one needs to add that stress of not having their clean clothes ready!

Tip 10: Clean for a bit before going to bed

The final tip for keeping your home clean and organized is to always spend a little bit of time before you go to bed cleaning up your home.

This will help keep your house clean! Plus it feels great to wake up the next morning to a clean house. If you maintain a good cleanliness level at all times you rarely have to spend hours and hours cleaning! That way when you wake up the next day ready for the holiday activities your home is already picked up.

How To Keep Your Home Clean During The Holidays

I hope that these Tips For Having A Tidy Home During Christmas Time is helpful and allows you to keep a clean, happy space for you and your family to celebrate your holidays in!


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