Quarterly Tasks To Do So You Can Be Organized

Daily, Monthly, Annual, etc. tasks get discussed a lot in terms of living a more organized and put together life. But quarterly tasks should not be forgotten about when you are trying to really get your life in order. Which is why today we are going to be chatting about the quarterly tasks to do so you can be organized!

Adding some of these things to your to do lists may seem a big overwhelming. But take it one task at a time and you will quickly feel the benefits of organizing your life. Don’t feel pressured to do all of these at once because any progress towards getting organized can make a huge difference in your life.

Now that we have chatted about that- let’s jump into these quarterly tasks to do so you can be organized!

Quarterly Tasks To Do So You Can Be Organized

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Quarterly Tasks To Do So You Can Be Organized

Things to do each quarter for a better life:

Task 1: Check on your goals from last quarter.

This is such a vital one of the quarterly tasks to start doing to ensure your end of month helps you better yourself and your life.

Going back and checking on your goals is so helpful for keeping you on track with your goals. And it gives you a good opportunity to see if you need to re-evaluate your goals or change your actionable steps for achieving your goals. Use this task to better yourself by seeing how you are doing on your goals and what you can start doing better next quarter.

Task 2: Organize your fridge and freezer

This is an often forgotten about task. So setting it as something to do each quarter can really help you keep your food waste down and your life more organized.

Getting your fridge and freezer organized can help streamline your days. Not having to search for things and having a better idea of what you have in your fridge and freezer will help make meal planning and grocery shopping easier. This is something that should be on your monthly to do lists in general so you can stay on top of your inventory and keep everything near your food clean!

Get a set of fridge bins and shelves (only get clear!) that will help make your fridge look and stay organized.

Task 3: Do your household shopping trip.

After a quarter of using household items chances are you are a big depleted!

You don’t have to go on 15 quick (but not really quick) shopping trips for little items throughout the quarter if you keep track of what you need and shop strategically!

This trip should be for things like paper towels, cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. For groceries most people have to get them weekly but any non-perishables or seasonings you can consider trying to buy on a quarterly schedule too, this helps eliminate some of the stress when weekly grocery shopping.

Task 4: Declutter and Organize Closets

Cleaning out closets is a great way to help you get your home and life organized. However, it isn’t always the most fun chore! But it is so helpful for getting yourself and your life organized.

Start with your clothes closets and not only declutter and donate items you don’t wear anymore but also take the time to get them truly organized. One of my favorite things for this is to get tank top hangers to save space and keep your closet more organized.

Also make sure to organize and of your miscellaneous closets and coat closets. If you need bins to store things in these closets then make sure to either get clear storage bins or keep your labels very detailed.

When you have clothing or accessory favorites that you don’t want to risk getting ruined in the chaos it is extra important to do this organization! For me it’s my Lane Boots- I finally got my shoes in my closet organized after getting them!

Task 5: Unsubscribe from clutter

It’s amazing how much Digital clutter and mail clutter can build up in just a few months!

Take an hour to unsubscribe from emails and catalogs that you never read. If you stop the clutter from coming in it will help keep you more organized in the long run. Really this is a lifestyle change but it is so helpful for getting yourself organized and helping you keep your mental space decluttered as well.

Aiming for less clutter in your life is generally so helpful for living a better life.

Task 6: Organize your personal computer

Your personal computer is something you probably spend a lot of time on which means it is a very important area of your life to get organized. And doing it quarterly is a great way to stay on top of your digital life and keeping it organized.

Part 1 of this is to go through and create folders and then move pictures and documents into the correct folders. Then when you add new pictures or documents make sure to put them in the right folder.

Part 2 is backing things up. After you have everything organized it will be easier to back them all up to an external hard drive.

Task 7: Organize your phone

Similar to your computer this is a quarterly task that will become second nature but keep your life more organized in general!

After getting your computer organized then grab your phone and follow similar steps of creating photos and putting everything in their right place. Cell phones are used so much (as everyone knows!) but they are often forgotten about when organizing your life. Yet they are so easy to get mess and cluttered so make it a priority to get your phone organized.

For everything you should do to get your phone organized go to this guide – 8 Ways To Organize Your Phone.

Task 8: Create or check your budget

If you don’t already have a standard quarterly budget then take this opportunity to make one! It doesn’t have to be a big, daunting task. Simply make a 2 column list, one side with what your expected quarterly incomes are and one side with expected quarterly expenses.

Then as the months goes on try to keep the list as accurate as possible for what your making and what you are spending your money on.

Each month this will become easier and more accurate as you get a better picture of your spending. And as you become better at tracking you can start to improve the budget by going more into detail and limiting different areas of “leisure” spending to save money.

If this sounds difficult to do on your own then try getting a budget workbook to guide you!

Task 9: Schedule appointments/meetings/plans

Make sure to not only put this on your to-do list  but actually go ahead and schedule everything at the beginning of the quarter.

Not only is it something you won’t have to worry about the rest of the quarter but it also ensures you can get the appointments/dates that best suit you and your schedule.

Once you set the dates for the appointments or plans make sure you update them on your quarterly (or annual of course) calendar.

Task 10: Organize and clean up your work space.

This is a frequently forgotten task so making it a habit to do it at the end of each quarter is so important.

Having an organized workspace is beyond essential for being organized as well as being productive. 

Committing a bit of your end of quarter time to really getting your workspace organized can really help you out. This is one of the areas of your life to get organized that may seem obvious but is often overlooked. So go get to it!


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