How To Be A More Determined Person This Year

Determination is something that is going to come and go. And that is completely normal! But there are things you can do to keep yourself more determined and focused. Especially when you have a lot to do and really need to be a determined person. So we are going to discuss these essential tips for how to be a more determined person.

Before we get into these tips for keeping your determination up let’s talk about the importance of being a truly determined person.

Why is it so important to be a more determined person?

  • You are so much more likely to go for it and commit to doing great at something if you are pushing yourself. It’s ideal for motivation to come from within rather than from someone else.
  • With self motivation you have control. If you lean on something outside of yourself for motivation then it can go away and not be within your control.
  • You are more aware of where and when you can improve yourself when you provide your own motivation.

Now that we have covered those reasons let’s get into these tips for keeping your determination up!

How To Be A More Determined Person This Year

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How To Be A More Determined Person This Year

How to have more determination:

Tip 1: Look for areas of improvement every day.

The first daily tip to keep you from feeling unmotivated to to search for areas of improvement every day. This is essential for bettering yourself and really being a determined person.

There may be a couple of big areas that hold you back and make you feel unmotivated. But on the day to day there is little things that are stopping your determination and that you can improve on.

For example, some days you may have a harder time staying focused than other days. So that day you will really need to pay attention to that need area and really work on your self motivation for addressing that area of improvement.

Tip 2: Create a to-do list.

The next and arguably most important step for being productive when you really are not feeling motivated is to write a to-do list with what you have to accomplish today. This goes hand in hand with having more determination in your life.

This will help allow you to be able to create a plan for your day. And either formally or informally plan out the hours in your day. You can look at the items and think about how long each task is going to take and work out a logical plan based on those estimates.

Another great bonus to using to do lists is being able to cross things off makes you feel more productive and accomplished. If you are starting this list mid-day it is totally fine to add items that you did earlier and then cross them off! It will remind you of what you have accomplished and lower your stress levels regarding what else is left in your day.

For more on to do lists then check out How To Write Weekly To-Do Lists + Free Template and How to Make an “Every Day Goals” List.

Tip 3: Focus on prioritizing

Prioritizing is a huge part of having determined and focused days.

The first part of this is that when you prioritize your day you assure that you accomplish the most important tasks. So that if you really can’t motivate yourself to finish everything, then at least the most important tasks of your day have been completed.

The second part of this is it will make you feel more accomplished to compete important tasks that are weighing on you. And even that little bit of motivation that comes with feeling like you accomplished something can help push you to finish everything else you have to do.

Tip 4: Allow yourself breaks to fight feeling unmotivated. 

Be patient with yourself and allow yourself breaks!

This is an essential tip for really staying motivated in the long run so you can ultimately become a determined person all the time.

Did you know that breaks actually help your productivity and motivation? When you take short and strategically timed breaks you actually help yourself have improved self motivation.

This is because when you take a break you allow your brain to be refreshed and able to really focus on what you need to when you return from the break. I have a full guide on taking breaks here that can help you with this!

Tip 5: Celebrate all of your wins.

This is my favorite determination boosting tip!

Celebrating your wins helps your mind realize that all of this effort and self motivation is working. 

So I recommend doing something little like treating yourself to Starbucks or even just patting yourself on the back figuratively when you have accomplished something! This will help you stay motivated because you know that it is working and you are rewarding and celebrating your accomplishments.

Tip 6: Dress for success. 

Dressing for success is important every day but it is extra important on a day you aren’t feeling overly motivated at work.

Putting on a cute outfit and some makeup can help get you in a positive mindset for the day and help you beat those Friday blues. So commit to dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and motivated on Friday mornings to help improve that Friday motivation you are lacking.

(My current favorite work outfit trends are blue blazers – really helps me feel confident on Friday mornings!) 

Tip 7: Hype yourself up

Hyping yourself is is super important for getting things done when you really don’t feel like doing anything.

Give yourself a little pep talk! Remind yourself that you can do this and that you are GOING to accomplish everything you want to. There is serious power in positive thinking.

Remind yourself how great you are and that you can do anything that you want to do.

It’s great if you can do this little pep talk out loud but if you are in a work environment where you can’t then either say it in your head or write it down.

Similar note- it can be really helpful on a day when you are feeling unmotivated to write down some motivating words on a sticky note and put it around your desk/computer/workspace.


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