The Night Cleaning Routine To Help You Keep A Clean House

Keeping a clean house can be an overwhelming process. But there are small changes you can make to your daily routines to make it easier and simpler to keep a clean house! And one of those helpful changes you can make to your days is to start a night cleaning routine to help you keep a clean house. And today we are going to talk about what items to add to your night cleaning routine!

But before we get into these night cleaning routine ideas let’s talk about the benefits of having a night cleaning routine.

The benefits of having a night cleaning routine:

  • Makes sure you don’t miss things that need to be cleaned.
  • Helps keep everything at a higher level of cleanliness which in the long run means you will spend less time cleaning!
  • Allows you to delegate and assign cleaning tasks to others in your home easier.
  • Helps you space out cleaning tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to do them all on one day.
  • Can help you prioritize the most important tasks so that they definitely get accomplished.

Now that we have talked about the benefits of having a night cleaning routine it’s time to actually get into some ideas for your night cleaning routine.

But, these are just my ideas and what works for my household. The specific things that you may need to add to your nightly cleaning routine will vary greatly. Think about the things in your home that need daily attention and how much time you can add to your nights for cleaning.

Below are some great ideas to add to your routine but if something doesn’t apply then remove it and if there isn’t something discussed here that would help you then don’t be afraid to completely start from scratch. But I hope this provides some ideas, inspiration, help, and encouragement to add a nightly cleaning routine to your life.

So let’s get into these night cleaning routine ideas!

The Night Cleaning Routine To Help You Keep A Clean House

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The Night Cleaning Routine To Help You Keep A Clean House

Night time cleaning routine ideas:

Routine Idea 1: Clear all dishes out of your sink.

This is one of the chores that I really, really recommend that you add to your night cleaning routine!

Putting all the dishes in the dishwasher and taking care of any dishes that need hand washed before you go to bed will not only ensure that the kitchen is ready for breakfast dishes but also it is easier to deal with dishes before they sit for so long.

It may be a weird transition if you aren’t used to doing this each night but once you get into the swing of it you will see how helpful it is!

Routine Idea 2: Fold clothes in the dryer.

Maybe this routine idea is just helpful for those of us (myself very much so included) that tend to forget about the last load of laundry.

You get that feeling of relief when the washer is empty but then that load in the dryer so often is forgotten about. So make it part of your nightly cleaning routine to check the dryer and fold any clothes that are sitting in there ready to be folded.

This routine item can really help laundry from becoming too big of a task and from getting super overwhelming.

Routine Idea 3: Use the laundry basket clean up method.

This is one of my favorite cleaning tips in general! It helps with keeping your home clean and keeping things in the place they belong.

How does it work? It’s simple!

You grab an empty laundry basket and start in one room. Grab anything in that room that doesn’t belong in there and then go to the next room.

Any item already in the basket that belongs in that second room take out of your basket and put it into its place in that room. Then grab anything else in that room that doesn’t belong in there and toss it in the basket. And continue on until you have completed a full circle of all the rooms in your home.

When you do this every night there will be less things each time and it’ll start going quicker and quicker.

Routine Idea 4: Wipe down any surfaces.

This routine idea is a quick and easy one but it also makes a big difference.

Especially because getting things wiped down sooner rather than later usually means that the items (mainly liquid or sticky things) will be easier to clean and involve less scrubbing.

Which ultimately means less work and less time spent for getting your home clean.

Routine Idea 5: Spray down the showers.

This is one that takes a bit to get used to. But if you hate cleaning down showers and bathtubs then getting a daily spray for them and spraying it each night quickly will make a big difference for keeping it clean and overall making your bathrooms feel cleaner.

This is also a good time to check out the rest of the bathroom and see if anything needs wiped down or if toilets really need a quick scrubbing.

Routine Idea 6: Clean the kitchen while you are making dinner.

The final routine idea is more of a hint or tip. But making it a part of your night routine to clean the kitchen as you cook can make such a great impact on helping you keep the kitchen clean.

Which as we all know the kitchen can easily be the hardest part of keeping a clean house! So this idea can really help you out!


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