Actually Fun Yard Games For Adults: Adult Outdoor Games

Summer is here which means a lot of fun things including that we can now enjoy lots of time outside with friends and family. And one of my favorite things to do when hanging out outside is to play yard games. Which is why I am super excited to share these adult outdoor games that I am loving this summer. So keep reading for these actually fun yard games for adults!

Yard games are such a great way to keep everyone entertained and having fun when you are hosting outdoor parties or events.

And most of these are super simple games that anyone can just pick up and start playing! Which I find to be the best types of games to keep available when you are hosting outdoor events. That way people can casually play the games and you don’t have to be there explaining the rules.

These are all games that I find to be fun to play as a 24 year old and my friends around my age agree as well as my parents too so definitely all adult ages are thought of with these games!

Actually Fun Yard Games For Adults: Adult Outdoor Games

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Actually Fun Yard Games For Adults: Adult Outdoor Games

Fun games for outdoors that you and your friends will love:

1: Yard Games On the Go Large Tumbling Timbers Wood Tower Stacking Outdoor Party Game w/ 56 Premium Pine Blocks

Actually Fun Yard Games For Adults: Adult Outdoor Games

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This is probably the #1 yard game in my family! We love Jenga (or this affordable giant Jenga alternative!) and it’s so fun and you can always convert it easily into a drinking game if that’s the vibe of your outdoor party.

2: Kan Jam Portable Multiplayer Disc Slam Outdoor Game

outdoor games for adults

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I first got introduced to Kan Jam when I was in college and have always found it to be super fun. I love that it is easy to do while chatting and hanging out at the same time.

3: Matrix Ball Lawn Volleyball Sports Set – Sun Squad™

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Next up is a game that is always a crowd favorite- volleyball! But this colorful version can also be used for any net based outdoor games that you and your friends/family want to play.

4: Sunnylife White And Navy Bocce Ball Set

Actually Fun Yard Games For Adults: Adult Outdoor Games

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This is another game that a lot of people are familiar with but I have to say this is the cutest bocce ball set I have ever seen! I also like that bocce bag doesn’t take up much space if you are limited on space for storing yard games. This is always a fun outdoor game that doesn’t involve much set up which is nice.

5: Yard Games Giant Outdoor Yard Pong Activity Party Set with 12 Buckets, 2 Balls

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Definitely an adult themed yard game but jump pong is so much fun! Warning though that you do need a decent amount of yard space to play this game but if you have the yard space for it it will totally be a hit at any outdoor party with mainly adults.

6: GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss Indoor/Outdoor Game Set

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This has been one of my personal favorite yard games for at least 5 years. It involves minimal athletic abilities which is important because I have none at all while still being super fun and competitive! Definitely one of the fun yard games for adults that you should check out and it’s easy to store and bring places as well.

7: PikDos Outdoor Ring Toss Game Set 

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This is a super basic yard game but it is one that people can easily pick up and play with no explanation. And it’s one of the most fun outdoor games to make into a tournament as well. This is one of the fun yard games for adults that you can also easily bring other places as well- such as camping!

8: Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

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Bowling but outside is a total win-win! I love these and the fact that they are wooden works so much better than bowling sets where the pins are made of plastic. Definitely a fun game- and if you really want to impress you could get a couple sets and set up a few “lanes” outside for a super fun game day.

I hope that this post helped you find some super fun ideas for outdoor hosting/parties.

I quickly want to share some helpful outdoor hosting tips and tricks that I wish I had known sooner.

Outdoor hosting tips and tricks:

  • Be aware that not everyone will want to stay outside. So either designate an indoor area or accept that they may not stay long and that’s totally okay!
  • Have water available in addition to drinks (adult drinks or not). You don’t want to risk someone feeling awkward asking and getting dehydrated.
  • Themes help! You don’t always have to have a theme or reason for a gathering but if you pick one it often adds an extra touch to an outdoor gather that can spice it up.
  • Get comfortable seating. Not everyone will want to stand and play games the whole time. So get some outdoor seating if you don’t already have some.
  • Keep the food simple. It’s so fun to host outdoor events with food but let’s be honest- not all food is good to eat outside and certain foods get gross sitting outside faster. So keep it simple and be careful with food safety!
  • Make sure you have outdoor recycling and trash bins available for your guests.

Now that I have shared those tips as well as the fun yard games for adults- if you want to stay connected then keep scrolling!


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