7 Important Traits Organized People Really Have

Learning from people who have achieved in an area you want to improve in is one of the best ways to do so. Seeing what actually works in real life and how it implements into your daily life is so helpful. And the area that we are examining and discussing today is organization. Below we chat about 7 important traits organized people really have!

These traits give you insight into how people are able to live organized and efficient lives. Implementing these traits into yourself and your life will help you become more organized too. There will be growing pains and it will take significant effort to make these traits apart of your life. So be patient with yourself while you are on the journey of adding these traits of organized people to yourself.

So let’s get into these traits so you can start working towards becoming the organized person you want to be!

7 Important Traits Organized People Really Have

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7 Important Traits Organized People Really Have

Traits to learn about to help you be more organized too:

Trait 1: Efficiency with cleaning.

Do not wait until the end of the day or until the weekend to clean up.

Do it throughout the day and before you begin the next task. For example, making breakfast? Do the dishes right after you finish eating so they don’t pile up in the sink. Laundry basket full? Put the clothes in the washer before you leave to run an errand. Just staying on top of things throughout the day keeps everything from adding up at the end of the day making your home messy and stressful.

This trait helps you keep the area you live in and are constantly surrounded by clean and organized. And your surroundings are so important for keeping you on track with not only being organized by accomplishing so many of your other goals and dreams!

Trait 2: Stay on top of things with a planner/calendar.

Being consistent with a planner (or calendar, it’s up to you and what works the best for you) is a trait that keeps you on top of all elements of your life. No more missing deadlines. Forgetting appointments. Etc.

Planners keep your whole life organized. I recommend having one at work and one for your home life if you find that just one gets too filled up.

If you have a planner but don’t use it every week like you need to do to stay organized then take a look at this 5 Reasons Your Planner Isn’t Working and figure out why and then follow the steps for what to do to start using it.

Also- while implementing this trait into your life and yourself I recommend keeping your planner somewhere visible so you remember to both check it and update it regularly.

Trait 3: Use downtime to your advantage.

Do not let down times go to waste. Let’s break this trait down:

What’s a downtime? downtime is anytime during the day that isn’t obviously a time you can be productive but can be used to be organized.

How do I take advantage of it? figure out ways to make that time productive. For example, commuting can feel like a huge waste of time so I came up with a list of productive ways to use your commute.

Trait 4: Only make purchases with a plan.

This is basically, if you don’t know exactly what you are going to do with an item then you don’t need to buy it. Cute decoration that “you could totally find somewhere perfect for it”? Yeah you don’t need that! That skirt you saw on 5 people on Instagram that you love but have nothing to wear it with and no where to wear it? Yeah you don’t need that!

Keep yourself from having to declutter and constantly re-organize your home by just not buying the items you don’t need in the first place.

This will keep clutter and chaos from building in your life. And that clutter will stop you from being the organized and efficient person you want to be when you are creating your best life!

Trait 5: Take care of tasks right away.

Organized people take care of necessary tasks right away. Procrastination makes everything cluttered and chaotic. If something comes to your attention like that the floors need swept… just do it right then. Don’t wait for a time that you want to do it.

Staying on top of what you need to do before it even has time to be added to your to-do list is essential for being both organized and productive.

This trait can take awhile to implement into your life but when you do you will find that your days are so much more organized and smoother.

Trait 6: Accomplish one task at a time.

Multitasking decreases productivity and increases errors in whatever you are working on. It actually decreases your efficiency by over 40% for ANY tasks that you are trying to accomplish in that time.

When you are rapidly switching between tasks (aka multitasking) you actually lose time during the switch every time.

For example- if reading a chapter takes you 10 minutes and writing a report takes you 30 minutes. And if you try to multitask those things your brain will need to switch between the tasks which even at only a few seconds each switch it can quickly add up to 40 minutes of tasks taking 45 minutes. And if you do that repeatedly throughout the day it will hold you back from not only being organized but also being efficient and productive.

Trait 7: Write down everything.

You can’t stay organized if you forget things! And if you’re finding yourself trying to be more organized then you probably are busy and have a lot of things to do and remember. And if you don’t write them down then you will never remember every single thing.

At work I walk around with a small notebook to jot things down on and it makes a world of a difference in keeping my work day organized and ensuring everything gets accomplished!


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