Entertaining Fall 2021 Bucket List To Start Doing Now!

I’ll admit to my bias- fall is my favorite season and therefore this is definitely the best of my seasonal bucket lists! And I’m not one to wait too long to get started with my fall bucket list but there is no right or wrong time to start it. Just start when you are ready to embrace the fall season. So let’s jump into this entertaining fall 2021 bucket list to start doing so you will have lots of ideas!

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So now let’s jump into the fall bucket list so you can start having your dream fall season!

Entertaining Fall 2021 Bucket List To Start Doing Now!

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Entertaining Fall 2021 Bucket List To Start Doing Now!

Ideas for your 2021 Fall Bucket List:

1: Go to an apple orchard

Apple orchards are probably my personal favorite place to go during the fall. I shared a post of my experience at one (linked here) and I have to also add that outfits for apple orchards are probably my favorite outfits of the whole year!

2: Carve pumpkins

Go beyond basic and get some inspiration from Pinterest. Try using a stencil or free handing a cool “Instagram worthy” design.

Here’s a stencil kit you could use!

3: Have a Halloween movie marathon

Make a pillow fort and do it as a whole night with your family (or significant other or friends!).

Also, nothing wrong with just watching Disney ones because that’s what I do as someone who isn’t a fan of scary movies. No shame!

4: Drink hot apple cider

If you want top tier apple cider check out your local apple orchard- they usually have the best.

Add a bonus touch of fall to the experience and use a fall mug like this one!

5: Do a fall photoshoot

Get creative and use Instagram and Pinterest for the inspiration you need for this bucket list item.

6: Burn a fall scented candle

My favorite ones so far this season are:

Try going and smelling the different fall scents because let’s be honest, fall scents are the best.

7: DIY a Halloween costume

This can be a really creative item for your Fall 2021 bucket list! A few years ago my (now) fiancé and I DIYed our costumes and we went as Cookie Monster and a cookie. It was fun, creative, and unique. Definitely recommend doing that this halloween!

8: Go on a fall hike

Do some digging and look at trails and parks in your area and look at what their foliage looks like. Try to find one that will have lots of gorgeous fall colors! Try checking the tagged locations on Instagram to get an idea of what the foliage looks like.

9: Try star grazing

Make a whole evening out of it and enjoy the cooler fall weather. This can be a super cute date night by adding some cozy blankets to the night and maybe some wine (if you both are 21+!).

10: Make yummy Carmel apples

Head over to Pinterest and get some fun inspo. I love adding seasonal sprinkles (here’s some) to really add some fun to them!

11: Write a gratitude list

This is something I recommend doing in general. But the fall is an extra great time to practice gratitude! Here is a gratitude journal that can help you with this.

12: Go to a tailgate

Or do one in your own home! Football season is often one of the most fun parts of the fall especially when it involves tailgate food and drinks!

13: DIY a fall wreath

This is definitely my favorite seasonal craft and I definitely recommend making one yourself for the fall season.

14: Visit a pumpkin patch

What kind of fall bucket list would this be without a pumpkin patch visit? Definitely one of the most fun and fall themed items that you can do this fall. Make sure to make it a whole day of activities!

15: Go to a drive in movie night

This is such a fun evening and you can make it even more fall themed with some hot cider in a thermos and fall related treats.

16: Send Thanksgiving thank you notes

This is such a sweet thing to do. Send a thank you note around Thanksgiving to your loved ones to tell them what you’re thankful for about them!

17: Bake an apple pie from scratch

Use the apples that you picked at the apple orchard!

18: Have a backyard camping night

Bonus: you can roast s’mores on the fire or on the oven to really add to this evening.

19: Do a fall picnic

Picnics in the park aren’t just for the spring and summer! Make a hearty soup and put it in thermoses and bring some fall treats to round off this picnic.

20: Brew a hard cider batch

Here’s a kit for it! Hard cider is one of my favorite parts of the fall, that and pumpkin ale! This is, of course, for anyone who is 21+.


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