21 College Care Package Ideas They Will Obsess Over!

If there is a college student in your life going to college this fall then they are almost certainly stressed out about going to school during these crazy times. If they are on campus or not they are almost certainly stressed and absolutely deserve a care package from a loved one. Which is why I compiled these 21 college care package ideas! These ideas for college care packages are all ones I truly believe the college students in your life will totally obsess over.

These are seriously all ideas that I would have obsessed over as a college student and that the college kid in your life will totally love. With a variety for the different personalities and styles that they college kid in your life prefer.

So without any more rambling let’s jump right into these care package ideas that the student in your life will obsess over.

21 college care package ideas!

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21 College Care Package Ideas

Fun college care packages to send that they will love!

Idea 1) Easy snacks

Snacks are the go-to for college care packages.

No one will ever say campus food is amazing so some yummy snacks from you will always be a win!

This care package is easy because plenty of pre-made snack care packages already exist like these:

Idea 2) Self care gifts

Self care is so essential for college students. Their mental wellness is vital to maintain and ensure they aren’t too stressed out!

So putting together a self care gift care package is a great idea for college students.

I have a list of 51 self care gift ideas that you could throw into a box for your college student. Think along the lines of slippers, robe, face mask, calming candles, etc!

Idea 3) Movie night in a box

Movie night in a box is a fun care package idea especailly if the college student you’re sending this to is a freshman living in a dorm.

This care package is a great way for them to connect with roommates and others on their dorm floor!

Here is a pre-made move night in a box idea, but if you want to make one yourself make sure to include popcorn, movie theater snacks, and a Netflix gift card.

college care package - movie night in a box

Idea 4) The hangover cure

If the college student you’re getting this care package for is over 21 then you can surprise them with a super fun care package- the hangover cure!

Include some essentials for hangovers:

  • A gift card to a hangover restaurant like Taco Bell.
  • Gum- here’s a Trident variety pack for any flavor preferences!
  • Gatorade or Powerade.
  • A mini first aid kit- here’s a small one perfect for small spaces.
  • Iced coffee in a bottle or a gift card to Starbucks.

Idea 5) Gourmet gifts

Don’t be afraid to spoil them a little! This is one of the ideas for college care packages that they will be so thankful for as they probably can’t splurge often on gourmet gifts.

College kids don’t have access to very much “gourmet” in their lives so send them a gourmet gift basket like one of these:

Idea 6) Caffeine please!

Caffeine is a huge part of most college student lives which means they will love any caffeine related care packages.

You can DIY one with a cute travel mug set and a Starbucks gift card! Or you could get one already made like this cute one:

Idea 7) Healthy snack box

Healthy snack care packages are great for college students! Getting access to healthy snacks isn’t always easy.

If you live close enough to deliver a care package with some fresh fruits then that would be awesome! If not then try shipping one like this:

Idea 8) Game night theme

Game night care packages are another great way to help the college student you love have some fun with roommates and new friends!

Put together a box with some fun games like Cards Against Humanity and Bananagrams! And then toss in some treats as well for them to enjoy during the game night.

Idea 9) School Spirit 101

DIY-ing a school spirit gift box is my personal favorite college care package! They are personalized and super fun especially for freshman who don’t have much school spirit gear yet!

If they go to a bigger school you can find the items for this on Amazon but if they go to a smaller school usually you can find an online book store that will sell school spirit gear.

Think of things like- travel mugs, sweatshirts, fleece blankets, playing cards, and baseball hats!

Idea 10) Spa Day

A spa day care package is an amazing way to help your college student start to relax!

You can throw in some spa items into a cute wicker basket or get a pre-made one like these:

college care package

Idea 11) Girls Night Out

Sending a girls night out care package is always a huge hit for the young lady you’re sending the package to!

Get a fun basket and throw in a couple bottles of wine (if 21!) and a cute wine glasses set, some energy drinks, and a gift card or two!

Idea 12) For The Boys

Sending this to a young man instead? Then throw together a “for the boys” basket with beer (or root beer!) instead of the wine (unless he’s into wine!) and tickets to a local sports game.

Idea 13) Stress Management Tools

College is a very stressful time. So you sending a stress management tools care package is so helpful! Include some of these items:

Idea 14) Happy Birthday

Sending this care package for their birthday? Then try getting one of these birthday themed gift boxes to celebrate their birthday:

college care package
college care package

Idea 15) Picnic in a box

This is such a fun college care package idea that they certainly won’t get from anyone else!

Grab an insulated picnic basket and send it full of non-perishable picnic essentials including some sparkling waters and eating utensils!

Idea 16) Crank up the heat!

Another fun and unique college care package idea- a spicy, heat filled treat box!

You can DIY these by throwing together a box with hot chips, salsas, hot sauce, and any other fun spicy food items that this college student loves!

Or you can grab a pre-made one like this one:

college care package

Idea 17) Let’s clean up

Let’s be honest… college dorms and apartments can get gross!

So the college student in your life may be in desperate need of some cleaning supplies that they probably didn’t think to bring!

So throw together a care package with cleaning essentials such as disinfectant wipes, Lysol spray, carpet stain removers, drain cleaner, etc!

It might not be that fun of a care package but they will use it and appreciate it.

Idea 18) Breakfast Box

Breakfast on the go is a normal part of the college experience.

So getting the college student in your life a breakfast themed care package will be awesome!

Here’s a super fun one to consider:

college care package

Idea 19) Studying essentials

Throwing together a studying essentials care package is another useful but great idea for a college care package.

Put together a box of notebooks, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, note cards, etc!

Idea 20) Backpack survival kit

Another option would be to buy them a new backpack and put in a bunch of essentials for their backpack. This is a truly helpful one of the ideas for college care packages and is great to give if you want to give an “essentials” gift!

Essentials such as:

  • Snacks and treats!
  • A pencil bag.
  • Chargers for phone and laptop.

Idea 21) 21+ only box!

The final college care package idea we’re gonna talk about is a 21+ package!

Is your college student turning 21 soon? Then bring (you probably can’t ship it!) them a 21+ gift basket with some mini drinks, shot glasses, wine, or beer.

If you have to ship it rather than dropping it off you can to a gift box like this that doesn’t actually have any alcohol in it:

college care package

And remember- supporting your college student emotionally and being there for them is absolutely the most important thing you can do for them! Hope you found one (or more) of these ideas for college care packages to be perfect for the college student in your life.

Have fun shopping for or creating these fun college care package ideas!


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