Professional Winter Jacket Styles

It has taken me a while to come around on accepting that your jacket can add to an outfit and that it doesn’t just cover up a cute outfit.

Maybe that is just the Minnesotan in me hating the cold weather though! (I always joke that I moved to Ohio for the tropical weather… still get to experience winter here but it is so much less crazy cold than Minnesota). I have rounded up a couple of styles of jackets that are warm enough for winter in the Midwest and are actually fashionable and professional for work!

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Style: Hounds-tooth

Hounds-tooth is my favorite pattern for winter. It is fun while still being an incredibly professional pattern. And I love that there are more and more options coming out for winter jackets that are either entirely hounds-tooth or at least incorporate it into the jacket.

Option 1

This long trench hounds-tooth design is amazing. And the belt is adorable and makes a long jacket more flattering on all body types.

Screenshot_2019-11-19 Amazon com Yoki Women's Single Breast Houndstooth Long Wool Jacket, Black Grey, Medium Clothing

Option 2

This jacket is right on the line between winter jacket and a blazer but regardless of how you would wear it, it is super cute and also only $15 right now!

Screenshot_2019-11-19 LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Women's Printed Anorak Houndstooth X-Small at Amazon Women's Coats Shop

Option 3

This is an investment jacket. It costs around $170 (currently $169 on Amazon), but this is a jacket that will A) never go out of style and B) will be truly warm if you live somewhere that walking into work is like walking through a frozen tundra (looking at you Minnesota).


Style: Wool

Option 1

Wool is a warm coat material option that is also very easily professional. I love that this one is soft on the inside so you can get the warmth and professionalism from the coat but it is still soft on the inside rather than scratchy.

Screenshot_2019-11-20 Amazon com Tanming Women's Winter Double Breasted Wool Blend Long Pea Coat with Hood Clothing

Option 2

I love that this option is a little bit longer than the other which is nice for warmth as well as it definitely adds a more work appropriate element to it.

Screenshot_2019-11-20 Amazon com Calvin Klein Women's Wool Coat with Tunnel Collar and Pu Trim, Snap Bar Detail at Neck Clo[...]

Option 3

They have this coat from Calvin Klein also in a black option but I love this color! It’s so different than most winter coats but it is cute, fashionable, and totally perfect for work. I’m sold!


Style: Belted Puffer

Option 1

The key to this style is the belt. Puffer jackets are especially helpful if you live somewhere colder and need serious warmth from your jacket. However- the wrong style of puffer jacket and you can end up walking into work looking like a marshmallow. That’s where the belt comes in. The belt makes sure you don’t end up drowning in the coat and adds such a nice little detail.

Screenshot_2019-11-20 Amazon com U S Polo Assn Women's Belted Puffer Jacket with Faux Fur Hood Trim Clothing

Option 2

This color is so perfect for winter! And I love that this option has a longer belt but a shorter jacket, so perfect.


Style: Quilted

Option 1

Don’t tell me you don’t LOVE this jacket! Quilting when done right on a jacket is my favorite style for professional jackets. I mean just look at how perfect this jacket is!

Screenshot_2019-11-20 Tommy Hilfiger Women's Hooded Diamond Quilted Anorak Jacket at Amazon Women's Coats Shop.png

Option 2

This style is navy is also so perfect. I have always loved navy as a classic option for professional clothes that is a tiny bit less dull than wearing black everyday.


What are your favorite styles for winter jackets this year? Do you have a separate “professional” winter jacket?






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