3 Beauty Must Haves For A Beach Date

If you are reading this I hope that means you get to go to the beach soon!

There is still PLENTY of time left in the summer to get in some trips to the beach and if that’s your plan then seriously you need to check out these products.

Have you ever tried to go to the beach and after about 10 minutes in the water and/or sun and realized that you are a kind of a mess? Because same.

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All items were purchased from Ulta.com – I have been loving the Ulta app mainly because of all the free samples! I get so excited to go through the free samples when they arrive (it’s like a mini Christmas morning). I even wrote about my 5 favorite Ulta beauty samples. Plus there is almost always a $5 off or 20% off coupon that you can get your hands on if you sign up for their email or text alerts.


OGX ~ Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

Wavy-beach-mermaid hair? Yes please! This has become my new favorite sea salt spray. Unlike other sprays this keeps your hair feeling healthy and not crunchy. Probably due to the argan oil  of Morocco that is in it! Seriously it makes your hair shiny and wavy.

Fun tip: If you braid your hair in the water and then use this when you get out it works even better.

NYX ~ Worth The Hype Mascara

Two very important words… waterproof mascara. This waterproof mascara from NYX truly is “worth the hype”. I already went through one this summer and had to buy another one.

This is legit waterproof and adds plenty of depth and length to eyelashes. The last thing you want is to get out of the ocean/lake/pool and look like you have a black eye or like a raccoon. Waterproof mascara is how you avoid this disaster.

Also – this is less than $5 on Amazon!

ELF ~ Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer (Sheer)

I use eye shadow primer every time I use eye shadow but if you don’t then the one time you should is if you are going anywhere near water with eye shadow on!

This eye shadow primer is SO CHEAP and it works just as well as the prestige brands primers. It keeps eye shadow on your eyelid and keeps it from smudging even at the beach. I prefer the sheer shade vs other options because it is the most universal for any eye shadow colors.

I have been using this primer for at least 7 years now and I always go back to it! One of my favorite beauty products ever.



What beach or pool or lake beauty products do you like to use? Let me know in the comments!





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  • Wow! I’m glad Elf’s eyeshadow primer worked well for so long! I’ve always been skeptical of eyeshadow primer, but seeing how well it worked for you gives me second thoughts. Also, it’s so affordable, it’s worth a try, right? Thanks for posting!

    Alexis |https://cafebeauty2021.wordpress.com/

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