Plan With Me // May 5th

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Plan With Me

May 5th, 2019

My beautiful planner was purchased at Michael’s and is from Me and My Big Ideas : The Happy Planner.

The May month cover is so cute, I love it!


Everyone has their preferences but for me I find it the most effective to write out my main priorities for the week. I start with basic scheduling items – when I work, appointments, etc. Then I like to schedule my fitness plans for the week, I maintain a more detailed plan but for my man planner I just note the basics because it helps me plan my week to know how intensive the gym will be that day! I also put down my weekday meal plans so I know what needs to be prepped.

To start filling the white space I put in a couple simple stickers from these wellness rolls from MAMBI. My favorite are the little motivational ones!


Hands down my favorite fitness/wellness stickers also come directly from MAMBI. Colorful, fun, and literally they have a sticker for everything instance you could ever want.

After adding most of the stickers I like to evaluate what fun details can be added. Usually these are more decorative stickers/quotes/etc. Honestly this is the most creative part and my favorite step!!

These super fun chevron/arrow stickers were found over a year ago in the dollar section but I adore them!!


More plans and goals will get added as the week goes on but the majority is on here to help my week run as smoothly as possible.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!



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