Patio Makeover ft. Costco Planter

Drab apartment patio? I feel your pain!

Stepping up my patio game, well really giving it a full makeover has been a number one priority for me this spring. My townhouse is very gray and white (Which is minimalist and I love it but…) which means it desperately needs some color. My favorite way to add color and texture is through plants.

I had been on the lookout for a giant planter but one that was simple because I wanted the plants to be the focus. I fell in love when I spotted this one at Costco, and it was even less than $20!! Unfortunately it is not available for purchase online but should be at all stores.

No Costco membership? have no fear- Amazon has a plain black planter for $17 that is only 2 inches smaller.


Shopping for the plants…… was an adventure. First try got rained out as I was walking up to the plant section of Home Depot. The skies literally went from gorgeous to overcast to down pouring about 5 minutes. So round number 2 I tried a local nursery and I was disappointed in the lack of selection (don’t worry, I did some more research and will be exploring more local nurseries this summer!!). Finally on try number 3 I found what I was looking for at Lowes. For locals it was the Lowes at Polaris.

I was going for a 3 tier look though I can’t say that I perfectly accomplished this goal, oops!

For the first tier I was set on some colorful larger leaves. I would like to disclaim that I love plants but am by no means a plant professional so please excuse my lack of technical words! I kept seeing Caladium Kathleen plants on Pinterest and I knew that pink and green leaves would pull together the color theme of the pot. I was so excited to find them and got 3 to space out in a triangle in the first layer of the planter.

I knew that there would need to be filler for the second tier/layer and was looking for some basic Hostas. When I saw the two-tones Avocado Hosta at lowes I knew it was perfect to fill up the space.

For the highest tier/layer I was bent on getting something pink, tall, and flashy but originally was not interested in Lilly plants to complete it. However, when I was strolling around with the other plants I caught a visual of the lillies with the Caladium Kathleen and it was PERFECT.

*Note for the Costco planter you do need to drill holes in the bottom. My boyfriend drilled 4 and so far that has been the perfect amount. Do not forget this step because you will potentially have a mess and some sad, drowned plants on your hands if the water can’t drain out.

Planting it all. The first step is to literally dump an entire large bag of soil into the planter. Next I visualized the plants and laid them out while still in their original pots before starting the process of actually planting them.


Can’t wait to take my next steps towards my patio makeover.

Any ideas on what I can do? Let me know!

Have a fantastic day,



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