31 Solo Date Ideas To Do For More Self Love

Dating isn’t just for romance. They are an activity that is intended to express care and love for someone. And that someone can (and should!) include yourself. But knowing where to start towards dating yourself is incredibly overwhelming and daunting. Which is why today we are chatting about these 31 solo date ideas to do for more self love!

Before we get into these solo date ideas for more self love let’s chat about the importance of self love.

Why is self love important?

  • Helps you focus on your own dreams and goals. By practicing self love you are making a commitment to yourself!
  • It also helps to improve your image of yourself. When you are committing to loving yourself you can help your long term image of yourself which is an amazing benefit!
  • Keeps you thinking about what you want in life and what you don’t want. When you spend time thinking and caring about yourself it can really help align you with what you want in life.
  • Can really help boost your self confidence! When you put effort into loving yourself you can have this awesome benefit of boosting your self confidence.
  • Helps you become a more self assured person. Self love helps you really become a more self assured version of yourself. 
  • It also helps your relationships flourish. It’s a cliche but it is true that when you love yourself it helps your relationships feel more loving. Though little disclaimer- you don’t need to fully love yourself to be loved! Your loved ones should love you unconditionally! But when you practice self love you help yourself be in a more loving mindset that helps your relationships.

So now that we have chatted about the importance of self love let’s get into these solo date ideas that you can go on and start practicing your self love.

31 Solo Date Ideas To Do For More Self Love

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31 Solo Date Ideas To Do For More Self Love

Date ideas you can take yourself on:

Solo Date Idea 1: Take yourself on a picnic.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and take yourself on a picnic with your favorite food and drinks.

Solo Date Idea 2: Sign up for a creative class.

This is a solo date I am planning for myself and hopefully you do too! Taking a creative class (painting, flower arranging, etc) is a fun way to show yourself some self love.

Solo Date Idea 3: Check out a local farmers market.

Farmers markers are so entertaining and engaging making them a great solo date activity!

Solo Date Idea 4: Have a your favorite movies marathon night.

The most important part of this is your favorite movie! One of the best parts of doing solo dates is being able to prioritize your likes and preferences.

Solo Date Idea 5: Visit a new coffee shop.

Try a new coffee shop if you can or of course you can always go check out a favorite coffee shop as well.

Solo Date Idea 6: Book an afternoon at the spa.

This is such a relaxing way to spend a solo date day!

Solo Date Idea 7: Try out a cooking or baking class.

This is a fun way to spend some time with yourself and gain some new skills along the way as well.

Solo Date Idea 8: Go fruit or flower picking.

Depending on your season and location it will depend on what you do but picking fruit or flowers is a lovely way to spend the day.

Solo Date Idea 9: Go to a comedy or open mic show.

Such a fun night and you can go to a show that interests you and only you.

Solo Date Idea 10: Go to a local bookshop.

I love doing this as a solo date and to make it even more fun try telling yourself to get a certain number of books out of your normal genres!

Solo Date Idea 11: Take a yoga class.

Yoga classes are a quick but wonderful solo date idea. And you can get your exercise done at the same time too which is a win-win.

Solo Date Idea 12: Go to a wine tasting.

Visit a local vineyard or winery and try a flight of wines! Maybe you will find a new favorite wine.

Solo Date Idea 13: Play tourist in your own city.

This is one of my favorite solo date ideas because it can be way more fun than you realize to play tourist in your own city and do the things you recommend for others to do when they visit your city.

Solo Date Idea 14: Check out a local festival or event.

This can be any event that spikes your interest and that you would enjoy spending a day or afternoon doing.

Solo Date Idea 15: Try out a new DIY.

Spend part of a day enjoying a fun new DIY. Wanted to pick up a certain craft or a project around your home? Here’s a great chance to do so.

Solo Date Idea 16: Volunteer in your community!

Solo dating doesn’t have to just benefit yourself- it can benefit others as well. Take the time to volunteer your skills and time to better others in your community.

Solo Date Idea 17: Go to a local botanical garden or conservatory.

This is one of my favorite activities as a regular date or a solo date. But it is extra fun as a solo date because you can spend the time looking at your favorite parts of the garden or conservatory.

Solo Date Idea 18: Bake your favorite treats.

Again the emphasis on this solo date is focusing on baking the treats that you (rather than your partner, friends, family, etc) love.

Solo Date Idea 19: Go to a local plant nursery.

If you enjoy plants at all then I highly recommend going to a local plant nursery and looking at the fun plants- rather than be inside, outside, or both types of plants!

Solo Date Idea 20: Do some window shopping!

My husband does not understand the joy of window shopping so this is one of my favorite solo date activities. 

Solo Date Idea 21: Spend the day thrifting.

Similar to window shopping- thrift shopping is a great way to spend some time doing something you enjoy but without anyone rushing you.

Solo Date Idea 22: Go to your local zoo.

Spend some time in the sun and enjoying your local zoo at your own pace and interests. 

Solo Date Idea 23: Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Solo dates can be filled with romantic and fulfilling activities like watching the sunrise or sunset just like a “regular” date!

Solo Date Idea 24: Try a new ice cream shop.

Trying a new ice cream shop (or bakery or any other local sweet shop) is a great way to try something new without worrying about if others enjoy it. 

Solo Date Idea 25: Visit a museum or art gallery.

This is my favorite solo date to do when it is rainy or cold outside.

Solo Date Idea 26: Participate in a new fitness class.

Giving a new fitness class a shot is a fun way to spend a few hours and get your workout for the day in too while enjoying some solo time!

Solo Date Idea 27: Go on a bike ride.

Another fun solo date activity to help you get some exercise and have fun at the same time!

Solo Date Idea 28: Take a hot girl walk.

See above!

Solo Date Idea 29: Take a paint and sip class.

Another fun way to spend your evening and if you are looking to meet new friends it’s a great way to as well.

Solo Date Idea 30: Visit a local brewery.

Try out some local beer (if you are 21+) and often breweries host local food trucks or have their own great food for you to enjoy too.

Solo Date Idea 31: Try out a pottery workshop.

This final solo date idea is a great way to practice some creativity and spend some time enjoying your own company. 


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