Tips For How To Survive 8am Classes

Early morning classes are definitely not one of the more fun parts of college. And I struggled to enjoy them and I wish I had gotten better advice besides “avoid 8am classes at all cost” before I started college so that is why I have compiled this helpful list of tips to survive 8am classes.

Don’t let people talking negatively early morning classes stop you from enjoying and taking the best classes for your schedule and academics.

If you do the right things 8am classes can be totally manageable and will not be as bad as people will say they are.

Note: these tips are for those of you with in person 8am classes in current times! I know not everyone will be returning to campus and these aren’t totally applicable but here is a guide for online classes as well!

So let’s get into these tips for how to survive 8am classes and get yourself ready for a successful semester!

how tp really survive 8am classes!
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1) Get into a routine

Get your body into a certain routine. Get up at the same time each day before your 8am class. Make your coffee at the same time. Take a shower at the same time each morning. Get into a simple makeup /outfit picking routine.

A routine is so important because not only can it help you save time but it also helps you go through the motions even if your brain isn’t fully working yet that morning.

For the first few week use a check list to get into the right routine and habits.

2) Be reasonable with your bed time

It’s college…late nights are going to happen! Working a PM job is going to happen. Studying till 2am is going to happen (but work on avoiding that- here’s some tips).

But the closer you can get to 8 hours of sleep the better you will feel when your alarm goes off the next morning.

A realistic goal to try and set is for 9 hours before your class starts. I’ll save you the math- that is 11pm!

3) Bring an easy breakfast

If you are capable of making and eating a legit breakfast before 8am then you are better than me!

But thankfully there is plenty of protein bar and quick grab breakfast options. Eat it while you’re getting ready or, if your professor allows it, eat it during the beginning of your lecture.

One of the only things that can make an 8am class better is to not be hungry during it!

4) Get up early enough to not rush

This goes along with creating an 8am class morning routine.

If you find yourself frantically running out the door every morning and feeling rushed and frantic then you will definitely struggle more with your early classes.

So give yourself enough time to make sure that you are not rushing and feeling overwhelmed in the morning. What time you need to get up to avoid rushing will depend on a lot of factors including how long it takes you to get ready and how long it takes you to walk or drive to class.

5)  Have coffee easily available

Unless you absolutely can’t make coffee that you will actually drink at home then I highly recommend making your coffee at home.

Get a single serve Keurig and make your coffee to go!

If (like me) you only like iced coffee you can either pour your regular coffee over ice or buy gallons of ice coffee. Either way you will have coffee available right away in the morning which is essential for surviving (and paying attention) in morning classes.

PLUS it will save you money to make coffee at home rather than paying $6 at Starbucks for your iced Carmel Latte. When I was in school I liked to save my Starbucks drinks as a special treat on the weekends. It saved a lot of money and was healthier!

6) Walk to class with music playing

Bumping to some upbeat music while you are walking (or driving) to class will make the dreaded walk a little more manageable.

I made a playlist just for going to morning classes that seriously helped me not only be a little happier going to the class but also helped to get my brain up and ready to actually learn in class.

I walked to class so I also tried to make my playlist decently fast paced to help me also walk a little faster to get there on time.

early college mornings survival guide!

Remember to not let an 8am classes make you dread school! You are in college to learn and have new experiences. Enjoy your college experience and learn as much as you can while having fun!

Hope these tips for how to survive 8am classes will help you out!


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