Studying At Home: The Ultimate Guide!

Studying at home has quickly become an essential part of going to school no matter if you are in middle school, high school, or college!

It can be easy to get distracted and hard to create a productive and efficient study space when you are at home. But it is so necessary if you want to get good grades to take the time to ensure you have a good home study space and that you know how to effectively study at home.

So I am sharing my best tips for studying at home!

Studying at home: the ultimate guide!

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The Best Guide To Studying At Home:

Tip 1) Create a great study space

This is arguably the most important tip!

Your study space can make or break your study session. So make sure you either have or create a study space that is efficient for studying.

A few sub-tips for creating a great study space at home are:

  • Try to work at a desk if at all possible. Studying on a bed or couch is less conducive to studying.
  • Keep your studying tools (like notes and worksheets) organized on your work space.
  • Get all your tools prepared and accessible at your study space before you start studying.
  • If you can, try and make your study space a place where others don’t enter very often.

Tip 2) Minimize distractions

Minimizing distractions is one of the most obvious but also most commonly ignored advice for efficiently studying.

What distracts you depends on each person. For me I can have a video or music in the background but if I see notifications on my phone I immediately get distracted by them!

So figure out what distracts you and try to get rid of it or at least minimize the impact of the distraction.

I have a full guide on this that you can check out here!

Tip 3) Keep your space clean

Keeping your space clean is so helpful for studying at home.

This includes wiping off your desk, making your bed, putting away laundry, etc.

If your space is messy and you have chores you know you need to do it will make it harder to focus and stay productive while studying!

Tip 4) Create daily to do lists

I swear by daily to do lists in every aspect of my life!

And studying is no exception to the importance of to do lists.

Have you even gotten a whole bunch of school work and studying done and then realized you forgot to study one of the most important thing or forgot about an assignment?

You can help avoid that by making a daily studying to do list! This is extra important when you are studying at home and don’t have teachers or classmates bringing things up.

Tip 5) Know all your deadlines

Along the lines of the tip above, you need to know all the deadlines.

I recommend using a weekly planner (this is my favorite right now) and at the beginning of the semester filling in deadlines. And then once a week going through and double checking.

You never want to be in a situation where a professor updated a deadline and you missed the update! So do yourself a favor and double check deadlines.

11 tips for studying at home!

Tip 6) Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When you are studying at home especially if all your classes are remote it is so important to ask questions.

So many things can get mis-communicated or forgotten about so it is important for you to feel comfortable asking questions. And asking for clarification when needed!

Tip 7) Take strategic and timed breaks

The next tip for studying at home is to take strategic and timed breaks.

It can be tempting to try and power through and complete all your studying without a break.

But that actually will hurt your productivity, burn you out, and can lead to errors in your work!

This is a really important skill to learn so I have a full guide about when to take breaks and for how long that you can read here.

Tip 8) Create positive study habits

This is vague but that is because it will depend on what habits you need to work on!

Do you struggle to listen during lectures? Then your positive habit could be learning to take detailed notes during lectures.

So the first step is to determine what parts of studying and school you struggle with and think of what positive studying habits could help you address that struggle!

Tip 9) Use positive motivation techniques

I am a firm believe in positive reinforcement.

And that’s not just for kids or pets!

Rewarding yourself for getting studying done can be a very helpful tool especially when you are studying at home and it can be harder to get motivated.

You can find the right reward system for you but for me it usually works to do a system of 2 hours of studying for 20 minutes of something fun! And if it is something I am really dreading studying I will improve the quality of the reward.

Tip 10) Study at the best times for you

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you HAVE to get all your studying done in the morning.

If you do best studying right after lunch then prioritize studying at that time.

If you’re a night owl then do the bulk of your studying at night.

Whatever works for you is what you should do if it means you actually study!

Tip 11) Communicate with family/roommates

The final of the tips for studying at home is to make sure you communicate with anyone else living in your home.

When you have people constantly interrupting you and breaking your focus then it is hard to stay productive when you are studying.

So if you shoot a text message or just let everyone know what your studying hours are that day hopefully you can avoid being interrupted as much!

Tips and tricks for studying efficiently at home!

Best of luck learning how to study at home in the best ways for you! It can be a challenge to figure out what works best for your study style but it is totally manageable to study at home and still get great grades.

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