How To Have A Productive Commute

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Commute time is one of the biggest time holes that you can get sucked into.

A time hole is a piece of your day where you end up losing a lot of time that you could be productive during but it’s easy to get lost in it.

Taking back a time hole is the single biggest thing you can do to reclaim your time and help ensure that you are making the most out of your day. Being productive largely comes down to how well you can keep control of your own time.

Even if your commute time is short, using that time to do anything productive will help improve your day overall.

For those of you in a situation where you aren’t driving during your commute time then you have so many more options! You can get computer work done, respond to emails, plan your evening, etc.

For people like myself that have a commute of 20+ minutes it can seem like we have it the hardest to make the time productive but it really isn’t! There are options and it’s important to find out what works the best for you, your lifestyle, and most importantly what your goals are.

Here’s just a handful of ideas for things you can do

  • Podcasts: the options with podcasts are ENDLESS.
  • Audio books
  • Phone Calls
  • Learn a New Language (there are awesome apps for that!)
  • Relax

Try out a couple of the options. Feeling extra tired when you get home when trying to learn a new language on your commute home? Too tired to have a productive evening? Then try something else! Trying things out for a couple weeks or even months until you work for you is totally normal. Just keep trying because making your commute productive can be a game-changer on your day to day productivity.

For Podcasts and audio books do not give up if you do not end up liking the first one or two. Finding the perfect collection of podcasts can take time. For audio books I find that finding an author or two that you like can get you into the swing of listening to them on your way home. If you are feeling extra productive then find an audio book that is focused on your current self-improvement goal.

Now I get that “relax” does not sound like a productive use of time but for some days it is completely necessary in order to stay sane and have a good evening once you get home. If you are curious about productive things to do when you get home then you should seriously check out 10 Productive Things To Do After Work. 

I recommend finding what works for you on your commute. Do not feel like you are failing if you need to take a breather after work and unwind. It happens to everyone and balancing your life will help you stay on track with your goals and not fall completely off track.


Anything you like to do to have a productive commute home?

Tell me!



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