Styling White Leggings

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It’s taken me 23 years to accept the risk of wearing white pants! I’m overly prone to spilling drinks on my pants so white bottoms are a bit of a danger to me haha but I am coming around to them and slowly experimenting on how to style them.

These white leggings with cutouts on the side are from Victoria Secrets Sports collection. They constantly have variations of white athletic leggings available each summer. I have another pair from last summer as well that I finally also tried wearing this summer.

The Ohio State Buckeyes “how firm thy friendship” tank top is an athletic material tank from Victoria’s Secret Pink Collegiate collection.

I am certainly still playing it safe with the white leggings so I thought the athletic look and the white print on the tank top were a great baby step into styling white bottoms.

I wore this look to golfing and clearly golfing is my comfort zone for trying to make white bottoms work! Below is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago also to golfing featuring a tiered white golf skirt and a simple purple Nike tank top.

How do you like to style white leggings or bottoms?



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