Why “Yes To” has the best makeup wipes

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I first fell in love with Yes To products years ago. Finding products with ingredients that don’t irritate my skin will always be difficult struggle for me but the whole entire Yes To line has made that battle so much easier.

A huge plus to Yes To is that they are affordable (like seriously affordable) and easy to find at anywhere. I’m all about products that I can grab during a quick Target run! I have also seen their products at Ulta as well. Target seems to have the biggest variety to choose from though.

I would say that 8 out of 10 brands that I try for face / makeup removal wipes make my skin so red and irritated that I end up throwing them right out. I had plenty of friends recommend the Yes To line and the first product I tried was the makeup wipes and I was immediately sold when I was able to get my makeup off and my skin looked FRESH not irritated. I can’t overstate how hard this is for me to find and how much of a difference it overall makes on my face. Not having to worry about face wipes making my skin more irritated makes my morning and evening routine stress-free.

One of my favorite things about this line is that there is wipes for so many (basically every) skin type. Dry skin? Oily? Combination? Inflamed? Acne prone? There is a different version for YOU. They are based around different natural things like fruits and vegetables that have nutrients that help your skin. These wipes don’t just help take off makeup and dirt but they also actually add helpful nutrients to your face.

My skin type changes throughout the year and I’m always able to find one that is geared perfectly to whatever my skin has decided to do. Right now my skin has been dry and very dull looking. So I decided to try out the Yes To Argon oil wipes and oh my gosh they have made such an incredible difference for brightening up my skin.


Have you tried Yes To facial wipes? What are your thoughts? And what is your preferred makeup wipes? Let me know!



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