Matt the Millers Review

Last Saturday night we were looking for a nice but easy dinner place preferably American food and remembered that we hadn’t been to Matt the Millers in probably 2 years! Curious if it was as good as we remembered we decided to check it out and we were not disappointed.

For drinks I immediately skimmed the menu for one of my 2 regular drinks – either a jalapeño or cucumber cocktail. I was happy to see the cucumber cooler! Hendricks Gin, St. Germain, fresh lemon, cucumber, and simple syrup. At $9 for the drink I was pleasantly surprised. It was light and had a decently strong cucumber taste which isn’t always easy to achieve. My man was happy with the selection of local beers as well.

The drink menu as a whole was a win!

We skipped the appetizers this time but I recall the Bavarian pretzels were amazing years ago and was thrilled to see they are still on the menu. Going to have to go back and get them sometime soon. Maybe for their awesome happy hour deals.

The menu has such a great variety but the first time I came to Matt the Millers I got their “Matt’s Burger” and I decided to try it again. Pepper jack cheese with onion straws and Marie Rose sauce is my perfect comfort food. Seriously one of my favorite burgers and I was so excited that it hadn’t negatively changed at all in years.

The fries are just pretty standard fries. Nothing offensive but also nothing to brag about. Thank you to my man for always sliding his ketchup over to my plate. That’s true love right?

Okay seriously what is cuter than mini desserts ?! I love seeing smaller dessert options because at most restaurants even splitting a dessert after drinks and dinner is too much food. These little cups of deliciousness were the PERFECT amount of food.

I got the cheesecake and Matt got the Oreo cake and we were both thrilled with our choices. These made the dinner go from an average American restaurant to something a little more special and fun.

Fun side note: I will absolutely be checking out their brunch soon! Bloody Mary bar? Heck yes!

Ever been to a Matt the Millers? What are your thoughts?



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