Easy Weekend Trip Makeup Bag

The first thing I always pack is the face items. If I had to survive with only one makeup item it would be hard to decide between foundation and mascara! I recently picked up this Physicians Formula liquid foundation because I wanted to try something a little more for oily skin the summer and so far I have been loving it.

For the pressed powder I packed my trusty LA Girl PRO Face Matte Pressed Powder. I talk about this powder a bunch in my Quick and Easy Everyday Makeup Products post. I was excited that this powder has worked with my skin through multiple seasons. Plus it’s so insanely affordable. For real it’s only $6 on Amazon.

Like I said, Mascara is a must have for me. I packed the 2 mascaras I have recently been trying: Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise and Cargo’s Better Than Waterproof. So far both have been perfectly good individually but look fantastic layered with Loreal’s first then Cargos’s.

I also always bring an eye shadow primer and the $3 ELF primer has been my go to for over a decade. I have tried plenty of “high-end” primers and always find myself just picking up the ELF one again because the other’s don’t have anything special to offer that justifies the price.

I packed a black crayon eye liner from Estee Lauder and a duo eye liner (liquid and pencil) from Tarte in brown to cover my bases for a more casual weekend trip. Both have been staples for quite a while and I really recommend.

I always pack a backup eyebrow pencil in case something happens to the brow powder that I prefer while traveling. Seems a little extra except I had my brow powder shatter two years ago on the plane ride to Las Vegas and it has certainly made me a little extra careful! My go-to eyebrow powder is hands down Anastasia’s duo powder. I do need to pick up a darker shade though for my darker summer hair.

Smashbox’s L.A Lights stick highlighter is another product that I always talk about in my Quick and Easy Makeup Products. It’s a highlighter that I can use any day and build up for a more dramatic look if I want to. Seriously love it.

For a quick weekend trip I just grabbed a sample size of the Park Ave Princess bronzer from Tarte. It’s and easy and buildable bronzer that I have loved since I first tried it a few years ago.

Since I had the space in my bag I decided to grab two different eye shadow palettes for this trip. I don’t always grab two, it really depends on what the trip is and if I’ll need both more dramatic eye shadow looks or more neutral. Too Faced’s Natural Matte is such a pretty and simple palette that I can make any of my day time makeup looks with. I didn’t need anything to outrageous for this trip but since I had the space I grabbed the Tarte Flirt palette which has a little more sparkle to colors that are still pretty easy and simple!

I can never decide on just 1 or 2 lip products and usually end up bringing a couple that I am currently loving. Right now I have been adoring lip crayons and neutral lipsticks.

The first is a Tarte lip crayon in CD41. These have been some of my favorite travel / purse lip products for years. They are so creamy and look great year-round.

The first actual lipstick I grabbed is from Buxom and it’s in Dolly. This is the perfect pink for me in the summer and if you’re skin tone is at all similar to mine I recommend checking it out!

Picked this up casually at the Cosmetics Company Outlet store a couple weeks ago and have been wearing it a few days a week since then. It’s Estee Lauder in Pure Color Envy. Beautiful neutral / pink shade.

Don’t let the packaging scare you… this summer lip crayon is actually really flattering and not nearly as red as it looks! It gives the look of “just ate a cherry Popsicle on the beach” and it is so freaking cute.

I actually found this little bag at Michael’s on sale and thought it was so perfect for an easy weekend makeup bag. It’s the perfect size!


What do you bring in your travel makeup bag?




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