23rd Birthday Look

I was so overwhelmed on my birthday with all the well wishes and love. And I was so excited to spend my evening with family and friends in this adorable romper.

I got this lat week from Altar’d State in their fantastic sale section for $39.99. It fits perfect and true to size and the little ruffle details on the bottom and the shoulders are what sold me. I have been gravitating to Altar’d State in the Polaris Mall (Columbus Ohio) for their summer looks.

The overall look of the linen striped rompers is so fun for summer. It is easy to throw on and not put too much work into your outfit. I am ALL about efficient wardrobes with stylish staple items for each season. Anything I can wear to so many different events I am all about. I’m also imagining this romper in the fall with a denim jacket over it!


The wind was not cooperating with the balloons! But I have to take the balloon pictures outside because my adorable puppy HATES balloons. She loves everything else in the world but for an undetermined reason she can’t stand balloons haha.


Unfortunately, this exact romper is not online anymore but they have locations all over America so if you are close I highly recommend going to check out their sale section.

Here are 3 similar rompers they do have online!

romper 1

Brynn Romper


romper 2

Brooks Romper

romper 3

Marlowe Romper


Have a fantastic day!




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