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I will fully admit to owning way too much makeup for my own good.

However… in order to have an time efficient morning I have to find products that are easy to use, look good no matter where I’m going, and I can depend on.


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Step 1: The foundation.

I have an entire drawer (that you know I need to clean out oops) filled to the top with foundations that I have tried that have let me down. I have combination skin and finding something that doesn’t make my oily spots look more oily but also doesn’t dry out my dry patches has taken years.

I also love NYX stick foundation but I go through it so fast that I found myself buying 5 at a time which made me feel like there has to be something better out there and thank goodness there is!

My biggest tip for finding a foundation that works for YOU is to go into Ulta and sample foundations on your hand. Sounds simple but really look at how it works with you skin. Finding a foundation that works for your skin will make your morning makeup routine so much simpler and easier.

For this specific foundation I use a beauty blender… really for almost all foundations this is the easiest way to blend in the foundation. I hate “Wasting” time applying with a foundation blush and then blending the foundation in!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation   (new packaging)

Cost:  $39



Step 2: Powder.

This was recommended to me by a friend and I had never used L.A girl products so I was a little hesitant… but I ended up loving it. I use one quick layer of the powder and I apply it with a powder brush and it seriously keeps my skin looking matte all day. But the good kind of matte not the kind that makes you look lifeless!

You can use a powder foundation sponge and build this up to being a full face foundation. I did try that and my skin has too dry of patches so it didn’t look quite right on me. However, if you have primarily oily skin then this might work as a standard foundation for you.

L.A Girl Pro. Face Matte Pressed Powder

Cost: $6.99


Step 3: Bronzer.

This is a step that not everyone needs including myself in the summer! But right now I need to add that extra bit of color and depth to my face. This stick bronzer is so easy to swipe on and blend in, I use a beauty blender and it only takes literally seconds to blend in and give a gorgeous glow!

NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick Bronzer

Cost: $3.99 and on clearance at Ulta for only $2.79!! That’s is literally less than the average Starbucks drink! Run don’t walk guys.




Step 4: Eye shadow.

My daily eye shadow palette changes every couple months but since about February this has been my go to. It saves so much time to use a palette that you’re accustomed to and know how to create looks that you know you will like. I have definitely gotten myself into a time crunch by trying a new shadow combinations and hating the way it looked and having to wipe it all off and hating it.

With most palettes I find it to be a safe bet to do the inner eyelid with a light color on the left, the outer eyelid with a medium color from the middle, and the crease blended out with a deeper color from the far right.

^ to make that possible it’s important to find a daily palette that has colors you’re wanting to use everyday and that all work together easily. Keep the crazy and fun palettes for the weekends!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Cost: $54




Step 5: Eyeliner.

My eyes don’t seem to ever look quite right without a thin layer of eyeliner on my top water line. Definitely a step that a lot of people can skip but I’m not blessed like that haha! For work days I use the crayon end and swipe it over the top water line and it transforms my eyes in seconds. I keep the liquid side for more detailed looks but to keep my morning routine quick and efficient I never use liquid liner because I do not have the talent to apply it quickly.

I would say the biggest plus of this eyeliner is that it doesn’t smudge or fade during the day. A go to that you can trust to last through the whole work day and happy hour after.

Tarte Tartist Double Take Eyeliner

Cost: $24




Step 6: Mascara.

The last but certainly not least important step is mascara. There are 2 things that even in a major hurry I will always put on – foundation and mascara. L’Oréal’s voluminous lash paradise is simple and gives enough volume for my normal work day look. One coat is enough to provide length and volume which is so nice for your quick morning routine because applying multiple layers, or worse multiple mascaras, can bog down your makeup routine.

Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Cost: $9.99



Forming an efficient and productive makeup routine for your busy mornings will make your day start smoother! It’s worth the effort to find products that work for YOU and make you feel ready to take on the day.

Product recommendations?

Let me know!



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