Winter Lip Shades that Work for Work

Current status: living in denial that winter is right around the corner.

Well I won’t be able to deny it much longer as the weather gets colder and colder. Thankfully winter means that the holidays are almost here too and that can make the cold weather okay with me!

One of my favorite parts of winter looks is the fun lip color options! I stick to more neutrals in the fall but in the winter I like to spice up my makeup with fun deep plums and bold red lips. I definitely believe that within reason having a bold but well done lip color is appropriate for work (but please avoid unnatural colors like green or any neon shades!!).

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5 of my favorite shades are below and why I love them for winter:


Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, Voyager

This shade from Maybelline just screams winter. Plus the superstay power can not be understated for work. Not having to reapply more than once throughout the work day is so important to me in my lip product choices. And getting a great shade with awesome staying power for only $7 is amazing.


Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick, Scarlet Soaked

The key to a red lipstick that is genuinely wearable is for it to be moisturizing. Who else got their first red lipstick and it dried out and cracked when you wore it?! Just me?? But seriously out of every lipstick shade out there the most important one to have the product be moisturizing is red lipstick. And what brand is better for moisturizing your lips than Burts Bees!


Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream, French Martini

This is pretty much the exact color I picture when I think of winter  makeup. It’s a beautiful slightly darker neutral with a bit of shimmer but no crazy glitter so it is definitely work appropriate. Plus the Buxom plumping effect is amazing for anyone wanting a little extra oompf for your lips!


L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Glossy Balm, 200 Lovely Mocha


This is going into a drawer in my office because not only does this color look amazing with any makeup look but since its a balm/crayon it is easy to apply without a mirror and quickly which for anyone in client facing work environment.

bb lip

Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Shimmer Finish (Plum Shimmer)

Shimmer but still moderate it such a fun color for work around the holiday times. This is such a high quality and beautiful shade that seriously everyone needs for winter this year!!


Drop your favorite winter lip shades in the comments so I can check them all out!


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