5 Perfect Lip Colors For Summer

Summer is the season to play around with your makeup!

Bright colors on the eyes or lips or crazy highlighter. Play around and have fun. My favorite thing this summer has been experimenting with some new (to me) lip colors.

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From top to bottom

  1. BITE lip pencil in 064.
  2. Victoria’s Secret velvet matte liquid lipstick in Magnetic.
  3. Smashbox lipstick in Pretty Social
  4. Buxom lip gloss in Dolly.
  5. Sephora lip powder in Rethink Pink.

(The list above is from bottom to top on the hand swatch!)

Loving all of these fun SUMMER pink and purple lip shades.


Lip pencils are something that I have very slowly gotten into. I used to feel like they dried out my lips too much to the point where they were not worth using even if they made the color last longer than anything else.

I have been so excited to start discovering lip pencils that are not as drying as ones I had tried in the past. BITE hands down has had the best ones I have tried so far. This color is also so much fun. It reminds me of the perfect Barbie pink shade but not too obnoxious.


Magnetic is also a pretty bright and Barbie-like shade. A little bit darker and a more of a night time shade then day time. But seriously I have loved the liquid lipsticks from Victoria’s Secret for a couple years now.

Lasts for an entire work day without cracking like a lot of other liquid lipsticks do sometimes. I was nervous to try a brighter shade because I had only used neutrals before but I was pleasantly surprised. For a more casual look I like to add some clear gloss over a lightly applied layer of Magnetic and it looks PERFECT for a summer day.


Pretty Social from Smashbox is seriously the perfect pretty pink shade for summer. Light and airy. Stays on for hours and looks great with a summer tan! This is such an easy go-to shade for any day regardless of what you might be doing.

Creamy and natural but the perfect pop of pink for any summer day.

Dolly from Buxom has the perfect light purples added into a basic pink lip gloss. Not shimmery at all which I love for a casual summer day. I love using this over different lip sticks to see what effect is has. I used a deeper purple shade of lipstick applied lightly with this Dolly gloss over and it was the perfect amount of purple for a noticeable but not overwhelming look.



This was the most fun makeup discovery I have had in ages. Lip powder? What?! The shade is a metallic pink (almost gold – like metallic) and it is so fun for summer nights. I am still experimenting with the best combinations for this and how to apply it – so far my favorite is lightly brushing it over the lips and a tiny bit of clear lip gloss over it.

Fun summer makeup is one of the highlights of summer for me! What is your favorite lip product for this summer?



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