20 Life Improving Habits You Need

Habits make or break your day to day success. You need to focus on building the best habits to live your best life.

Taking the time to sit down and focus on what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them is a vital step to take before determining which habits you want to try and build up.

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Once you know what goals (long and short term) you want to accomplish then the next step is determining what you need to do each day to actually get to those goals. Want to lose weight? Then you need to get into healthy habits like drinking water and not snacking. Log your water goal in an app (I use MyFitnessPal) to track what you have drank and how much more you need each day.


Visualizing your goals and implementing habits to get you to them will help improve your life more than you might realize!


For me these are 20 goals that I strive for every day and that I truly believe most people could benefit from:

  • Monitor your phone time
  • Cook at home
  • Send thank you notes — handwritten is best!

  • Create and maintain a budget
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Monitor bank accounts regularly
  • Exercise 5x a week
  • Read a chapter from a book every night- my kindle has made this 100x more achievable

  • Keep up with laundry
  • Do your skin care routine
  • No screen time right before bed
  • Track your goal progress (check out this cute habit tracker)

  • Take a walk every day
  • Establish a morning routine
  • Plan your outfit for tomorrow

Seriously girl you have to work on creating habits everyday that make you into the person you want to be!



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