The Ultimate 2023 Fall Cleaning Checklist To Follow

Fall cleaning is one of my favorite times of the year. And no I am not kidding! I love the feeling of opening windows and cleaning out my home as we head into the cooler seasons. But it can be overwhelming to figure out what needs cleaned during fall cleaning. Which is why today I am sharing my ultimate fall cleaning checklist to follow!

Also, I have a helpful video here on how to spend less time cleaning that you may want to watch for helpful advice after you are done with your fall cleaning.

Now let’s get into this fall cleaning checklist so you can start getting your home cleaned up and ready for the wonderful fall time season!

The Ultimate 2023 Fall Cleaning Checklist To Follow

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The Ultimate 2023 Fall Cleaning Checklist To Follow

What to clean during fall cleaning this year:

Idea 1: Kitchen cabinets

This means taking everything out of your kitchen cabinets, wiping them down inside and out, and putting everything back in. And I recommend organizing the cabinets while you are putting everything back into them.

Idea 2: Clean your stove and oven

Deep clean the inside and outside of the stove top and oven. Even take the racks out and soak them if necessary and then run a cleaning cycle as well. 

Idea 3: Linen closet

First step is to declutter your linen closet and then wipe it all down and then make sure every thing goes back in organized. Adding this to your deep cleaning schedule for once a quarter will really help.

Idea 4: Deep clean dishwasher

Dishwashers provide you with the clean tools you eat off of. Which means that they need to be kept clean as well. So make sure to add deep cleaning to your deep spring cleaning checklist and I also recommend adding it to your monthly cleaning checklist as well.

Idea 5: Wash the walls

Grab a magic eraser for the spot cleaning and then wash down the rest of the walls. You will be shocked at how dirty walls can get if you aren’t cleaning them regularly!

Idea 6: Clean washing machine and dryer

Similar to the dishwasher your washing machine and dryer also need to be cleaned in order to properly clean your clothes. Also, they can get weird build up both inside and out so make sure to do both inside and outside while cleaning them.

Idea 7: Clean and organize under beds

Pull everything out from under the beds and declutter out things you don’t need. And then put everything back in a more organized way with under bed storage containers.

Idea 8: Fridge and freezer

Toss out anything that is expired and then wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge and freezer. Don’t forget to clean under the fridge too and add it to your deep cleaning schedule.

Idea 9: Deep clean carpets

If you have carpets in your home then you should add this to your spring cleaning checklist! You can purchase a deep carpet cleaner (we did and it’s so worth it!) or you can rent ones from companies as well.

Idea 10: Sinks

 Deep clean the sinks including organizing and cleaning the under sink storage. This is all sinks in your home including bathroom, kitchen, utility, etc.

Idea 11: Tubs and toilets

Deep clean your tubs and toilets. Including cleaning our the drain to the bath tub! For the toilets make sure to clean all over including behind them which tends to get forgotten about.

Idea 11: Windows

This involves wiping the windows as well as cleaning the ledges and windowsills.

Idea 12: Baseboards

go through and take the time to wipe down all of the base boards. And add dusting them to your monthly deep cleaning schedule.

Idea 13: Under rugs and mats

cleaning out under the rugs and mats is an often forgotten about task. But this deep cleaning tips is so essential for getting built up dirt out of your home.

Idea 14: Couches

Use fabric cleaners and your vacuum to give your well loved couches a deep clean during your spring cleaning. And don’t forget the throw pillows and blankets that probably need a deep cleaning as well.

Idea 15: Blinds and shutters

Clean all your blinds and shutters by actually washing them with cleaning supplies not just dusting!

Idea 16: Air vents and air filters

Clean out the dust and dirt from your air vents and change out your filter to put a new one in. I recommend cleaning this moving forward once a month or once a quarter.

Idea 17: Minor kitchen appliances

A lot of small kitchen appliances like air fryers and coffee makers, especially ones that are not generally as messy, get forgotten about. So go through and clean all your smaller appliances.

Idea 18: Trash cans

This is a gross but needed deep clean project. I recommend doing this outside especially for any trash cans from the kitchen or garage. This is because they may need to be hosed down first.

Idea 19: Difficult to reach dusting

Go through and use a swiffer with an extendable handle that expands to reach high places. It can be hard to reach places like the top of mantles, high up pictures, and ceiling fans without one.

Idea 20: Clean electronics

Wipe down remotes, electronics, and clean keyboards (use a can like this to blow out the dust). Getting your electronics cleaned is also important for keeping things sanitized!

Idea 21: Garage floor

You may need to move items around/ clean up first and then use a large push broom for sweeping the garage floor.

Idea 22: Mirrors

Grab your materials and go through and clean all the mirrors in your house. You’ll be so happy to see those shiny clean reflections! 


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