68 Summer Affirmations For Growth Summer 2023!

Becoming your best self is something that needs to be focused on daily. It is a long journey but one that is completely worth it. And daily affirmations is a great way to work on this. Which is why today I am sharing 68 summer affirmations for working on becoming your best self and growing this summer 2023! Use these summer affirmations to grow as a person and become the confident you that you should be.

We have all found ourselves in a situation where you could benefit from more confidence and working on being a better version of us.

Whether that be struggling with self esteem, doubting your decisions, or just generally not feeling up to your amazing full potential.

Before we jump into the ideas for your daily summer confidence affirmations lets chat quickly about how affirmations can better you.

Why daily affirmations can better yourself:

  • They are a daily reminder that you are capable of what you put your mind to.
  • Daily affirmations help you start your day on a positive note.
  • They help you see the best version of yourself. You are already incredible and reminding yourself of that can really bring out your positive attributes.
  • Daily affirmations motivate us to better our lives which as a result can boost confidence.
  • They help us be confident in our decisions which can help our careers.
  • As well as helping personal and professional relationships by helping us not doubt our decisions and choices.

Now that we have chatted about that let’s quickly go over how to implement these.

How to start doing daily summer affirmations:

I recommend saving this post and slowly adding affirmations to your day. Especially if you currently do not do daily affirmations.

By gradually adding them you will ensure that you are really focusing on each as you add them. That way you can make sure you are committing the mental energy necessary to help the affirmations positively impact your mindset.

Plus it can be overwhelming to start implementing a lot of affirmations at once. So start with 2-4 for the first month or so and then you can start adding more in as you go.

As for picking which affirmations to start with I recommend going through the whole list and picking the ones that stand out to you. The ones that really jump off the page and that resonate with you.

If need be close out of the page and think about which ones you remember. Chances are those are the affirmations that really stuck with you. So start with those to begin with.

I also recommend getting some cute sticky notes (like these) and put the affirmations you choose somewhere visible. Such as around your mirror or inside your closet door. The closet door is a great option if you live with others and don’t want your affirmations to be in a public area.

Now that we have covered why you should do these summer affirmations daily and how to start doing them it’s time to jump into the post!

68 Summer Affirmations For Growth Summer 2023!

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68 Summer Affirmations For Growth Summer 2023!

Summer affirmations to do daily:

1: I believe in myself.

2: I know that I am capable of incredible things.

3: My life is one I am proud of.

4: I refuse to believe anything negative said about me this summer.

5: There are no obstacles that I can not overcome.

6: I appreciate all of me.

7: I am at peace with my past.

8: There is power within me to do amazing things.

9: I am successful in everything I do.

10: I fully believe in my abilities.

11: My confidence comes from my vast knowledge.

12: I can ask for help when needed this summer.

13: Set backs do not mean failure.

14: I will make my dreams come true.

15: I am making the changes to make my life ideal.

16: My possibilities are endless.

17: I take failure as an opportunity to learn.

18: Today I will be my most confident self.

19: I control making today a great day.

20: I will take all opportunities life presents me with.

21: Everything I learn today will help me grow.

22: I deserve the best.

23: I possess the qualities necessary to be successful.

24: My life is just beginning.

25: I will embrace my strength this summer.

26: No one else defines my success.

27: I create my own destiny.

28: Only I can make my dreams come true.

29: I can handle any negativity I come across today.

30: Everything bad happening now will help me handle things better later.

31: I get stronger every day.

You are half way there! Remember to bookmark this post for future reference.

32: I appreciate my life.

33: I will not let difficult times break me.

34: I know how to address anything thrown at me.

35: My life is completely within my control.

36: I am an intelligent person.

37: I am capable of handling good and bad days.

38: Everything I have learned brought me to today.

39: I will believe in myself all day.

40: I bring positivity into the world.

41: Today is the beginning of my own choices.

42: I make my own goals.

43: I know what is best for me.

44: My strengths are greater than any struggles.

45: I am the person I am meant to be.

46: I will work on bettering myself while being thankful for who I am.

47: There are chances around me to make into opportunities.

48: I allow positive things to happen in my life.

49: I am worthy of what I want.

50: All I need for success is already within me.

51: I am braver than I realize.

52: I am grateful for where my life has taken me.

53: There are no life blocks I can not overcome.

54: I am a complete person.

55: I will determine the steps I need to take by myself.

56: Everything is possible for me.

57: This season I will work on being my best self.

58: I like who I am becoming.

59: What I want is coming to me.

60: I will continue to learn and grow.

61: I will stand by my decisions.

62: My contributions are worthy.

63: I am a fully empowered person.

64: This summer I will be kind to myself.

65: I am embracing the sun.

66: My summer plans are within my control.

67: I believe that I am capable of changing my life.

68: Summer 2022 will be my season.


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