28 Relationship Journal Prompts For February 2023

For so many February is considered the month of love and relationships! Due to Valentines day landing in the middle of this month. So I wanted to share a fun challenge with you- journal about your relationship every day this month! But don’t worry it won’t be that hard because I am sharing 28 relationship journal prompts for every day in February 2023.

Grab your favorite love themed notebook (here’s one I think is so cute) and add journaling into your morning or night time routine this month. By adding it into your daily routines you will help to ensure that you actually remember to do your daily journaling.

I believe that this is a great way to get in touch with your thoughts about your relationship and hopefully spark some great conversations between you and your significant other! When you start committing daily to focusing on your relationship and thinking honestly about it you can think of ways you both can improve and it gives you a chance to really appreciate your love and your relationship.

So if that sounds like something you are interested in then save this page and get to journaling!

Also, if you are interested in more journal prompts to follow and use for your daily journaling check out these prompts list:

28 Relationship Journal Prompts For February 2023

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28 Relationship Journal Prompts For February 2023:

Romantic and relationship focused journal prompts to use

  1. Talk about your favorite parts of your relationship.
  2. What changes can you make to better your relationship?
  3. Talk about what changes you would love your significant other to make
  4. Describe what you would consider a healthy relationship?
  5. What are the hardest parts of your relationship?
  6. Talk about your favorite date you two have been on.
  7. What is your favorite part of being in love?
  8. Name your favorite things about your partner.
  9. What things would you say your partner loves about you?
  10. How are you actively supporting your significant other?
  11. What compliments mean the most to you? To your partner?
  12. How can I better communication in our relationship?
  13. What attracted me to my partner when we first started dating?
  14. What does love mean to me?
  15. List out ways I can express or show my love better.
  16. Where do I see our relationship in 20 years?
  17. How can I cheer on my partner better?
  18. Do I believe our relationship is healthy? How can I make it healthier?
  19. How can we handle fights better?
  20. Which relationships do we look up to?
  21. Am I good at forgiving my partner when needed? Are they?
  22. Do I ask my significant other for help when I need it? Do they?
  23. Am I willing to do the work to better our relationship?
  24. List out some fun date night ideas.
  25. What have I learned from our relationship?
  26. List out 5 of the happiest moments in your relationship.
  27. Talk about when you first realized you loved your partner.
  28. What are our relationship goals?
heartshaped paper cutouts on pink background

Let’s wrap it up!

I hope that these 28 relationship journal prompts for February will help you prioritize thinking about your relationship and working on improving your relationship.

These prompts shouldn’t take you very long each day but they can really help you get in touch with your thoughts about your relationship. And hopefully help lead to some positive conversations with your partner that will help you start bettering your relationship! Every relationship has room for growth and improvement and journaling about your relationship is a fantastic way to help you with that.

If you have any questions or want to add some more journal prompts for others to use then make sure to drop them in the comments!


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