Affordable Thanksgiving Decor Must Haves

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Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away so if you haven’t started getting your home decorated then you need to start today! Thankfully I went ahead and found 20 perfect decor must haves that you can check out and they are all super affordable and easily available. 10 are from Target and 10 are from Amazon (both places that you know you can get the items before Thanksgiving!).


8ct Mini Fabric Pumpkins Halloween Decoration Solid - Spritz™ - image 1 of 2

Cost: $7.00 (they have a couple other patterns too if you’re looking for something a little different)

Pumpkins, Apples, Hayrides Hanging Wood Sign - Spritz™ - image 1 of 1

Cost: $7

Hello Pumpkin Decorative Halloween Sign - Spritz™ - image 1 of 1

Cost: $5  (picturing this on the mantel with a couple of those little cloth pumpkins. So cute!)

Cost: $10 (going to bring this into work for my desk! Love it!)

Harvest Pumpkin Decorative Wreath - Spritz™ - image 1 of 1

Cost: $20.00 (don’t tell me you don’t think this is adorable!)

20oz Stoneware Pumpkin Serving Bowl with Lid White - Threshold™ - image 1 of 5

Cost: $7.99

Pumpkin Lumbar Pillow - Threshold™ - image 1 of 5

Cost: $17.99

Fall Leaves Wire Garland - image 1 of 1

Cost: $3.49 (there are endless decorating opportunities with this and it’s so affordable)

Cost: $3.00 (obsessed with the sparkly top)

Harvest Round Galvanized Tin and Wood Tray - Spritz™ - image 1 of 2

Cost: $20.00



Now onto the easiest and quickest place to buy your Thanksgiving decor, Amazon! Especially helpful if you are waiting until the week of Thanksgiving to order what you need (don’t feel bad we have ALL been there!!).



Cost: $16.99 (there’s a couple other similar options on Amazon for pillow covers too which are one of my favorite decor items because they add a lot to a holiday theme but are easy to store and put out)

Cost: $13.99   (the hello pumpkin one is perfect)

Cost: $12.79

Cost: $15.99  (lots of options on Amazon for table runners but I love that you can see through this one so it adds something fun to the table setting without being overwhelming)

Cost: $29.99  (most expensive thing on the list but still a steal for this plate set that can be used during other times of the year too!)

Cost: $8.99

Cost: $9.99 (how freaking cute!!)

Cost: $15.99 (no time to make your own wreath? well thankfully its 2019 and Amazon has one for you for a great price too)

Cost: $25.98 (and works for the whole season, not just Thanksgiving)

Cost: $16.95


What must haves do you have picked out for Thanksgiving? Let me know!



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