5 Samples From Ulta You Need To Try

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Ulta’s sample game is seriously amazing. I end up trying so many more products than I normally would from samples. Some of my go-to beauty products have been discovered from sample bags at Ulta and I never would have thought to try them without the samples!

How to get samples: Going into the actual stores to test out products is so helpful but if you know what you want to get samples you need to purchase online. Their app is amazing and my preferred way to shop. You just add the sample packs you would like to your cart the same way you would any other item. Some of the samples do require a minimum amount spent, usually $50 which honestly is such an achievable amount when shopping at Ulta.

IT Cosmetics

Confidence in an eye cream

First off, this is a really good size for a “sample” which is awesome because you can try it enough to see if you like it. Which I ended up loving and have added it to my Ulta shopping cart already. The biggest perk I’ve experienced so far from this eye cream is the brightening powers. Seriously makes my eye area like bright and alert!

Soap and Glory

Bubble in paradise “Call of Fruity” body wash

I already owned this body wash and was so excited to get the sample size so I can take it with me during my vacation. This seriously smells like what summer should smell like. I’m not overly picky when it comes to body washes and mainly care about scent and that it doesn’t irritate me and this one smells great and doesn’t irritate so it’s a win.


Roller Lash Mascara

Mascara samples are always something that you should jump on if you get the chance to select your samples. Mascara can be on the pricey end for makeup so being able to sample one is always a great idea.

This mascara I was so excited to try and I had a strong feeling I was going to like it because I have always liked Benefit mascaras. This one was exactly as advertised – super curling and lifting. If length is what you are looking for then this is not going to be the mascara for you probably but that is what is so great about samples. If you aren’t totally sure that it is a good mascara for you then go ahead and try a sample!



Foundation and concealer samples are kind of unreliable to me for 2 reasons. 1) they aren’t usually enough to actually cover my whole face if it’s a foundation sample 2) since they can only do a couple shades there is no guarantee your shade is in the sample pack and therefore trying out the product isn’t accurate.

However, I did find that there was almost enough product to get a good sample from this one and I really liked the build-able coverage and am interested in looking into this foundation further. It achieved its goal as a foundation sample which not very many companies have been able to actually do.


Hydrating Day Cream

I do think the green tea element to this day cream is what sold me. It feels great on my skin (and again my skin is super easy to irritate so that’s a huge win). It’s super hydrating on the dry patched on my face and overall is a day cream I am glad that I got to try. Sticker price is a little high so being able to try it without actually purchasing is such a great perk.


Do you love sample bags as much as me? Any products you have discovered through samples? Tell me!



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