How to prioritize like a Girl Boss.

“But seriously I have 50 hours of things to do and 24 hours to do them”

I hear versions of this concern every day from coworkers, family, and friends. You want to do it all.

You want to be the boss girl that makes everyone shook that you can accomplish everything but the reality is there is only so many hours in a day. Which means, girl, you gotta prioritize.

Prioritizing can seriously make the difference between a productive day that you feel so accomplished by the end of and a day where you go to bed anxious about everything that needs to be accomplished the next day. Learning how to prioritize is important for everyone and there really is only a couple steps you need to take to learn how to.

Follow these steps and seriously you’ll be so thankful you learned how to prioritize!!

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1.Write down everything you want to accomplish. 

I absolutely can not stress the importance of writing down your goals. Write them down on a piece of paper, type them out on your laptop, or even use a note on your phone … just make sure you can see them all at once!

Writing down what you want to do each day is important for 2 reasons:

A) when you start writing it helps your brain remember what you need to get done rather than completing one task and then trying to remember what you should do next.

B) Looking at the list gives you an idea of how long you’ll need to commit to completing the tasks and what you REALLY need to finish first.

2. Determine what needs to be done TODAY.

Making the list is so important but really you aren’t going to be able to get every single thing on your list done. So you need to learn to figure out what has to be done today.

Let’s say you have both get groceries and organize shoe shelves on your to do list for the day. Organizing your shoes is definitely something that is productive and a good idea if your day has time for it BUT getting groceries is probably a necessity to be able to feed yourself and your family. Certain tasks are going to jump out at you as TODAY tasks.

3. Determine the what benefits you get for each task and what consequences.

For tasks that are maybe not the #1 task it is important to figure out which ones to prioritize.

The above example is obvious – groceries are more important than shoe organization. But lets say you have on your list organize shoe shelves and buy dress for a wedding next week. Neither task screams at you that it needs to get done today, however there are benefits to completing and consequences for not completing each task.

4. Re-order your list from #1 priority and down. 

Now that you know what your top priorities are you can re-order your list. Put the #1 thing you have to get done that you are doing first followed by #2 and so on. Once you get to a point where you know you won’t be able to have enough time to accomplish the tasks then start the next days list and make say #7 tomorrows #1.

Remember, it might seem defeating to never finish your “to-do” list but that is life!

Making your daily list realistic will ensure that you can cross off the last thing on today’s list and it will make you feel more motivated to accomplish everything on tomorrow’s list.

Prioritizing is the difference between a successful day and a crazy day.

Take time to figure out what exactly works best for you to prioritize your to do list. It really will help you live your best and most productive life.



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