Anniversary Gift Guide for Him

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I find that with each anniversary, birthday, and Christmas it gets harder to find presents for my man. I am constantly looking for new ideas that are meaningful, fun, or at the very least won’t end up in a donation bag in 6 months.

Food Gift Sets/ Samples

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach right? Sample packages aren’t just for the women in your life (hi Ipsy & Birchbox).

beef jerkey


gift basket

Household items for them

Let’s be honest- most houses end up having more of a feminine touch. My man always gets excited to add something that is clearly “his” to the decor.

hi im mat

This one is primarily funny & personal because my mans name is Matt. He found this to be hilarious haha!

Grilling Season

There are 2 seasons in our house – grill season and “complain about it not being grill” season. I thought 2 years ago I had run out of grill related gifts but I am constantly impressed by what can be found with some digging on Amazon.

osu grill cover


grill press

Gift shopping will always be a struggle but I would love to hear if you ended up going with any of these 3 categories of ideas!

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