10 things your new puppy will need


Whoa! You are welcoming an adorable new member to your family! If this is the first pup (or first in a long time) you’re probably trying to prepare for this exciting day and wondering what you’ll need to be prepared.

  1. Food & Treats

You’ll need to have a whole bag of puppy food available for the first day! We used Blue Buffalo puppy food for large breeds.


blue buffalo

For treats we got primarily two kinds- training and chewing. Training treats are vital for starting to make your new puppy as well trained as they can be! We used Pet Botanics Training Reward treats in all the different flavors (bacon is Stella’s favorite though!).


For chewing we found that there was only really one thing that works… bully sticks. They can get pretty pricey from standard pet supply stores but Costco has a 12 pack for about $30 and a bag lasts her around a month and is the way to go.

2. Food & Water Bowl

You won’t want to be scrambling for a bowl that you don’t “really care about” to put the puppy food in. Plus there are so many cute bowls out there. We have a set of bowls to attach to her crate and a cuter one for downstairs. As well as a water fountain that she loves and supposedly keeps the water fresher and healthier!

puppy fountain


3. Puppy Toys

Certainly the funnest thing to shop for. Unfortunately for me my baby tends to rip apart every cute toy I got her! There are a couple that have survived though that I highly recommend:

donut toy.jpg


poop toy.jpg


kong toy


*Hint can spray cheese is my pups favorite in her kong toy*

4. Grooming Tools

The grooming tools you will need are going to depend on the fur type of your new dog. For us we needed combs and de-tangling spray (https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/well-and-good-dog-detangling-spray). If your fur baby sheds than you’ll want a defurminator to collect all the shedding fur! If you plan to trim your dogs nails on your own you’ll need to pick up dog clippers. I actually trim my pups nails and her fur so I had to get a whole grooming kit and found a great one on Amazon:



5. Shampoo & Conditioner

When we brought our puppy into our lives she was having skin allergies which our vet assured us is very common in puppies. Because of this our vet recommended an oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and after research we decided to try Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe. Her skin cleared up wonderfully but we still use this because it is so wonderful!

oatmeal shampoo


6. Baby gates

Okay let’s be honest… puppy’s can cause quite a bit of chaos in your home. And baby gates are one of the only things to help manage this. A key to finding a good gate is to realize that your pup is going to be smarter than you think. The first gate we got Stella figured out how to open in the first month and the second she could jump over when she got tall enough! If your puppy is tall keep this in mind.



7. Travel crate & Bed

Our puppy is on her 3rd bed because she kept out growing them. Stretched out she can reach my shoulders so finding a bed large enough for her was only found at a farm supply store! However, when researching I found a “jumbo” bed on Amazon that would be big enough to fit our large pup:

dog bed.jpg


For the crate we went through the same situation but found the perfect fit at PetCo:



8. Stain Remover & Odor Neutralizers

Puppy’s are GOING to have accidents so it’s better to be prepared. Carpet stain removers, hardwood floor cleaner, and an odor neutralizer will all be needed until you complete the house training process. And unfortunately you may find yourself needing more cleaners if your pup has accidents in strange places (for me she thought my yoga mats were a toilet… oh Stella).

9. Waste bags & Dispenser

You will not want to find yourself on your first walk around the neighborhood without an easy dispenser for the waste bags or worse no bags at all. Some people do really prefer scented bags but for me I’m good with the simple, bulk bags from Amazon and the dispenser they come with is easy to use and has held up for months.

*These are easy to tear apart and to open which I have found to be the most important!*

poooop bags


10. Dog Tags

Research your local laws on registering your pup and what is required. If you plan on taking your dog to a groomer/boarder/certain parks it will be required to have your dog registered and properly tagged. While you’re at it make sure to book their first vet appointment for puppy shots and a physical.


I am so excited for you to welcome your new fur baby!


Have a beautiful day,



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